Easter Eggs in HITMAN


When I saw the redacted challenge on The Author I thought we were getting a Death Note Easter Egg. Write down the name of the target and he dies of a heart attack. It would have been so much fun, hahaha.


I always put dirt in my Scandinavian sushi it’s my secret ingredient!


i always thought the secret ingredient is…salt?


Liquid butter on your popcorn!


Found this one on Hokkaido, it’s not here from the begining, you should kill patient zero to trigger it
It’s a letter from Jeff, that commit suicide on Sapienza. How it can be on Hokkaido, and why you should perform certain actions to trigger it?
Sapienza version for comparsion:



Did you find the actual patchnotes ? :wink:


Also, if you destroy heart in “Patient Zero” mission, you’ll get non-target kill. Nice detail.


So Jeff chickened out in Bangkok (making it easy for me to get cultist clothes from his room), then commited suicide in Sapienza leaving note behind and that note ended up in Hokkaido. Is there any mention of him in Colorado?


What is the room number?


Jeff’s room is right next to 47’s room.

I’m wondering if there’s anything related to him in Colorado too. Funny side character.


My name is Jeff


A little update, actually, I don’t know what trigger this, maybe a time limit? Both targets still alive.
Maybe Jeff on the level and leave this note before commit suicide (again).


Has anyone found out what the bells on “The Vector” do, if they do anything at all


They’re just distractions to wake up sleeping NPCs and make people walk towards them.


Might be well known already but the Corky Conumdrum Escalation has two easter eggs.

There seem to be a bunch of Red Balloons all over the place. Clearly referencing IT.

Also the Bat’s name is “A New Bat”, which as we all know is a reference to “A New Life” (The mission where Corky the Clown appears).

Wondering if anything special happens if you pop all the Balloons.

EDIT:Scratch that just played a little further into the level. Lol


Haha yeah I was gonna say… Nice catch on the A New Bat though. I don’t know how I didn’t realize that with how much I’ve played that level!


I found this too. Is there any update as to what makes it appear? Can we save Jeff? LOL.

BTW, kind of an easter egg, but in Hokkaido on Patient Zero, the cowboy’s room has a Stryker Pistol under his pillow. Also, the lawyer’s office in Sapienza has an explosive golf ball in the safe.


Lol I killed myself with that when I tried to open the safe with a bc. Also the safe combination was in a too obvious place and I searched for it for ages.


It doesn´t show up for me no matter what i do, You did something specific? Specific way to get there or specific disguise?


First time, when I found it, I killed Owen quickly, took security disguise and here it is.
Then I tried to subdue both targets and kill them remotely with c4, but when I approched the room, letter already was here…