Easter Eggs in HITMAN


For me, I did the two targets SA/SO and then decided to see if I could get to the cable car exit via suit only. Once I realized that the recon gear is hostile inside the clinic as well, I aimed to get to a patient outfit (which I did - through the kitchen, up the stairs, into the central bathroom, and lure a patient to KO and take his patient outfit.

I then went to Portman’s room and the letter was there.

It may just be that it takes time to appear? Or that you have to get there without being spotted?


Allan please add details HERE!

On The Author, inside the apartment of the women doing her fitness workout.



I think it may be related to “Never spotted”, but if you save the game and letter appear after that, it will be forever in the room, even after reloading a savegame.

Also bottle for the “nice shot” still there


Found this underwater; is it used anywhere else?


So, people from Reddit discovered, that if Jeff was killed in the first PZ mission, he doesn’t appear in “Author”,so maybe if we save him in “Author” he’ll arrive at GAMA facility? Dat strange letter still bug me.

This also introduce the new hidden gamplay mechanic - “consequences”.
So maybe is Season 2 we’ll have a dynamic targets/dynamic campaign.


I knocked Jeff out and when he got woke up he will sit for the rest of the mission at the harbour.
Quick feedback: The Letter in Hokkaido was related to SA/SO and not getting spotted.
That would be awesome if we prevent his suicide and he will be in Hokkaido, I will test and report soon!


actually i just had a idea about Jeff, i’m about to test it and i’ll let you know if it does anything.


Multiple outcomes = More replayability.



video incomiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing



i cracked it boys



That’s an amazing Easter eggs and a great find @BernardoOne! Great job to the guys at IOI for this one :laughing:


For him to appear on Hokkaido you need to shoot that fire barrel before he gets there, otherwise he dies.


Nice work!
And I’m really impressed with that feature. So now game could “remember” state of NPC (and probably objects too) after completing the level, and use this information afterwards to create some non-linear stories.
“Diana will remember this.”



This may be like Newspaper notoriority from blood money if they develope it like that.


Here is Jeff in Patient Zero/Hokkaido!

As far i can tell he only wanders around. I’ve tried to infect him but he doesn’t seem to suicide like he said he would. He drops three random weapons when subdued

Hitman 2: Legacy Pack Gameplay

And Jeff, ladies and gentlemen, is why we can’t have contract mode in the Patient Zero campaign. Too dynamic.

kys jeff


What if people in the hospital are undercover liberation members who want to get infected by patient zero?
Like the nurse who becomes the first infected? She’s really an undercover member!


Wow, so he can appear in every mission after all. I never thought about saving him in The Author and probably wouldn’t have noticed him in The Vector. :smiley: I love all kinds of little Easter eggs like this.


yeah when travis started tweeting about saving Jeff the first thing that came to mind was saving Jeff in the Author and try to find him in the Vector. I didn’t even expect it to work because there was no logical reason for him to be in Colorado but there i found him :smiley: