Easter Eggs in HITMAN


I guess that’s a part of the “dynamic nature” then, like @Urben said. :thinking: Yeah, thanks Jeff for ruining everything.


Awesome. How i can save jeff on the author? Maybe subduing him?


Yeah just knock him out or something before he kills himself.


Thank You. :grinning:


Well, I think it’s not that hard to disable his behavior in contracts mode or just remove him completly from contracts.


All credit to @BernardoOne . Glad you found it!
There are also two Propane Flask in Jeff´s room :smiley:


Lol that’s interesting. They don’t spawn if he is dead right? I do wonder if there’s one more thing to do with him.


Great find dude! :+1:
Any idea how this feature works if you replay any of the missions following the first one? Does it assume he’s dead or remember the latest outcome of each mission?


Does Jeff’s letter in Hokkaido depend on whether he sees you when you save him?


"In case I get infected, I brought something that will end my life."
Does he commit suicide, if he gets the virus?


U said he doesn’t get infected, but what if you infect him?


That’s not what I said. I said I infected him, and it doesn’t seem to change his behaviour.


Either there are some additional conditions or you can lock yourself out of it, because I can’t get him to appear in Colorado, despite knocking him out in Sapienza.


did you read his note in Sapienza?


Yes. Also, I did SA, non SA and SA/SO runs. Most (but not all of them) included me shooting bell from starting point to get Akhram down the stairs ASAP. As for Jeff, I tried knocking him out, knocking him out and putting him inside container in the shop and knocking him out then having him wake up and walk to piers.


Why Jeff doesn’t spawn in Colorado? I save him in Sapienza with a knock out (and killing the targets). What i’m doing wrong?


Let Jeff be found, so a guard wakes him up. He will end up walking to the docks. Then he should appear in the next mission.


After seeing all this, I hope we get a new member on HMF soon, just named “Jeff” with a photo of him :laughing:

Also, we need some Jeff memes lol





Unfortunately, he doesn’t show up for me.