Easter Eggs in HITMAN


I’ve done what you said but he dosn’t show up in The Vector. I also created another Steam account, replayed the first two DLC missions and still nothing… So now i don’t understand if it’s a bug or i’m still doing something wrong. As i understood there is a new Gameplay mechanic introduced with the last update that let the game “remember” what we do in previous missions, am i correct?


I suspect reading the letter in Patient Zero might help.

I did not messed with Jeff so far though, just an idea.


Same case was for me, i couldn´t find him at the vector. It finally worked 100% when i did this:

Started The Author
Killed Akram + Craig, take Virus (Not SA needed, just Rambo)
Run to Jeff (He will start to run at 3:18/3:20)
Read his Note
Waited until he starts to run
Ko´d him while he was running to the cliff
Exit with car


I start to think that there is a bug. I’ve done what you said and still nothing. In sapienza i also let jeff be spotted after i knock kim. In The Vector he still doesn’t spawn


Y’know what? Fuck Jeff. He is just a wannabe Rocco. With Pants. SMH that so many of you fell for Jeff. HERETICS! THE LOT OF YOU! #RoccoMasterRace #MammaCarusosSpaghetti #PutOnYoPants



YEAH! More dynamic content! Rocco must put on his pants and go to the mansion!


There‘s an NPC in the author called Mike Vogt, a reference to the writer of the story


That may or may not have been the reason I shot him in the knee before knocking him out.



Well, just to clarify, "Geist Ritter" Translates (fron German to english) to "Ghost Knight".

Since: "Ritter" = "Knight"

A writer in german would more be "Schriftsteller", "Verfasser", "Schreiber" or "Autor".


Never knew this. :thinking:


Oh, I didn’t mean “ghostwriter” as a translation, I meant it’s a play on words. :slight_smile:


So @Notex found out that the countdown easter egg audio is on the Japanese version of the game. The Japanese version only released after all the main content was out, which leads us to believe the easter egg is actually still in the game. We need to do some easter egg hunting again.


Here are the Japanese audio files for the announcer easter egg if anyone is interested. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AyPsuEUmf5q9BeMB-eExxzbomjXM6Lbw

If anyone is missing context, this is an undiscovered easter egg within the mission Paris. Nobody has any idea how to trigger it at all. We assumed that the easter egg was just scrapped and never actually implemented into the level, but seeing that they recorded lines for this easter egg for the Japanese V/O pack, has given us hope that the easter egg is in still in the game.

I will be experimenting later tonight seeing if I can find any clues on how to trigger this.

Here are the English audio files for those who are curious on what the easter egg is about: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14gKJX2Mr-86qmz04i5AF6so2mLPbQWb7


I would be curious to know, did they also rerecord unused dialog as well, such as the main characters yelling at 47 when he throws coins at them? (e.g. or passive comments made to 47 when wearing the baseball Jersey. Unused because the jersey makes others hostile.)
Maybe they just covered their basses and rerecorded every single line that the English speaking cast did, weather it was in game or not.
Still would like to get to the bottom of those audio files and find out if they are indeed in game, but no one that actively worked on that Paris Easter Egg (or knows about it) has ever made a [valuable] comment on this forum. :disappointed_relieved:


No way for me to tell since I can’t speak Japanese. But I don’t think they would bother recording dialog that wouldn’t be used in the game.


Bakuhama de. Juu. Kyuu. Hachi. Nana. Roku. Go. Yon. San. Ni. Ichi… Oi! Ore ni sawaru na! Kumi dazo?! Ore ni wa kumiai ga tsuiteru! Kumiai da! Hashi-shita no buta domome! Oboeteru yo!!!

Gotta say, they nailed the japanese translation.


I checked some things out for myself with the Hokkaido audio files.
There are 9,021 Japanese and 10,233 English.
(Edit: Music files aren’t in the Japanese folder, so that would explain some of those missing files. There are 35 larger files, but not sure how many smaller music cues there are. Highly doubtful there’s 1,200. Haha)
So, I would assume they didn’t record everything again.
Using File String Finder I found exactly 54 files in each that have the tag “Baseball”.
And listening to the Japanese files, I can make out “sports fan” and “Suzuki (San)”, so it seems they did rerecord those unused comments (in this case). :thinking:


Interesting, maybe they are planning on using that audio for S2?


Maybe,could be that they re-use since it never saw the light,might as well.


The Jeff easter egg was nicely put. I just played through Absolution again, and he is also at the ‘Terminus’ level, getting crap from the rednecks (Dexter’s goons) in the lobby. Could be the same?

He also appears in the ‘Skurky’s Law’ at the cells, getting beaten by the cops.

I can imagine IOI having a great time when making their games. The humor in Absolution, especially, totally whacky and hilarious.