Easter Eggs in HITMAN


In Patient Zero there is three easter eggs, one is when you kill Oybek Nabazov first in the Source and then wait till your second target his second in command Sister Yulduz leaves the room and goes to the penthouse.
After like 20 minutes of trying to get her bodyguards knocked out I heard her hum a song, it sounded like let me take a selfie.
The last easter eggs are in the Vector the first one is a clear reference to the movie Scream with that masked fan while the last one is a reference to many pop cultures and is literally hating on movies and pop cultures since it is right in your face - your secondary target Brother Akram that not a lot of people really care about is litterally the pinnacle of Irony for pop culture since it is making jokes of targets being left behind by boyguards, singers not well protected and sometimes even asassinated (all of them are plausible since all of the bodyguards are outside his apartment not where he is)


Jeff is in Absolution? Any screenshots you can provide?


Here he is.


That’s not the real Jeff, that’s an impostor! Lmao


You can found this same npc on the upper floor of Terminus ( inside the room filled with shoes), even if his name is different (i guess he’s named Terry Strong, can’t remember now, i used to play contracts with him as target).


Oh…but he isn’t. Let me tell you a story about JEFF my boy… cue the eerie music
Jeff used to be nothing but a simple indie developer ,earning a less than average payout,until one day he would have finally gotten a chance to join a bigger company: OII Inactive. Oh yes. OII Inactive. All he had to do was go to the interview. But because of 47 he MISSED the interview! You see,his room burnt down with the hotel,and his car keys where in that room! HE MISSED HIS PLANE FOR…her…FINLAND! Yes,Finland. And was also arrested because after getting drunk he tried having sexual intercourse with a street light,all of this because of 47. After being beaten silly by the cops,losing his job and all of his things,something in Jeff snapped. He used all of his left over money to completely restructure his face after he broke out. YOU THINK 47 KILLED SKURKY?PFFT THAT’S WHAT THEY TELL YOU. They merely changed the true narrative to make it more “action driven” and “coherent”. In reality Absolution is the story of a man hungry for revenge. After killing Skurky,he escaped. OFF HE WENT. 'Till 47 and him would have crossed paths again. And so they did.

You think that that Jordan Cross/47 cross-over looking guy we saw in the cutscenes IS THE SHADOW CLIENT? Oh no…you are poorly mistaken. The answer…was infront of you…all along.
The truth is…the game was rigged from the start


Hokkaido: patient playing Pokémon go on the smartphone near yuki yamazaki room. LUL.


I don’t know if this is right place, or if this is even a legitimate easter egg, but I was wondering if Diana’s name is a reference to the Roman Diana, goddess of the Hunt, which would be rather fitting for someone tasking you with and guiding you through assassinations.

Or it’s all just a happy coincidence


Time for one last ride folks?


Hey, is there any more eastereggs in Marrakesh (+dlc), besides that listed below? Dance Break, Fortune Teller and hes treasure, Ikea guy, Raining Moosses, Baner with 47 barcode from H1, I need a bathroom on the table, The White Edge reference (hokkaido)? Also on Hitman Wiki i’ve read that main target is a reference to Carl Bildt, any one have an idea why? Some one saw anything else?


Some guards make a weird goat like sound when shot, I think this is tied to something. I posted this before and I remember someone from IO liked it.


Do you have a video showing this?


Terry Strong, the Shoe Shop Owner. He could be based on Terry Crews and the ‘‘Power’’ commercials, not so sure though. But the name certainly doesn’t fit Morocco, and he seems to be a local, so there must be some easter egg or a reference


Holy Shit!

The Ikea Guy, was in Paris too! He is one of the guys who are taking pictures of the Models that are on the catwalk


Im on holiday, can’t make one. The guard in the tunnel always makes this sound, you can test it on him. There are many others that make this weird sound.


Guard in a tunnel… so Bangkok?


Tried to find that one. Couldn’t. Can you specify that cover (Hitman Movie) location?


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Credit to @CHAOS_AGENT_45

The Hippie will leave his apartment if you stand around the apartment for 5 minutes and walk through Sapienza ( you can just stand at his front door, that will work)

Sadly he comes right back if you leave the vicinity of his apartment so the only way to check his route is with freecam

Also lmao the dude has a part where he ties his shoes despite being barefoot lmao