Easter Eggs in HITMAN


Wait what … I can’t believe that new stuff is still being found at this point.


Also kinda rude that he pees over someone’s scooter after that :joy:


Not an easter egg but I found this random coin I can’t reach in Sapienza, anyone ever come across it?


OH MY GOD! I found this whilst making a contract. I just tought that the AI had bugged out. I have pictures of it, dating longback


Now i feel bad, because i discovered an easter egg first but didnt realize it was an easter egg :frowning:


@polik Is this what you witnessed?


Yeah i thought of him, really weird eh? You sure it wasn’t sapienza @polik ?

Edit: btw i tried shooting and explosives to move it and nothing


I saw this on reddit, I saw this on marrakesh though, but holy crap this might be related


Strange things are afoot bro, this was on pro difficulty btw, must check is it on normal


The coin I saw was definitely in the consulate through behind the crowbar. But maybe it’s related, weird how they would both by tucked in like that and you can’t reach it. under a shelf


Haha it’s a ghost coin thrown into our reality


I really want to know what it is, hopefully a dev comes through here


Can we talk about Hitman 2 EE’s here too?

Since on Creek there’s a thing on which i’ve been breaking my head for the past week …
But you’ll find out soon i’m sure.




Everybody but 47 gets to use the bathroom.:joy:



Tunnel Snakes for life \m/ \m/




Would you be so kind to use spoiler tags, please?