Easter Eggs in HITMAN


Well, me.

Thanks m8. For science!


They did. I have done htis just now and Diana said that some say he is known for flawless shave, some say he excells in hiding in cobberts, we only know his name is 47.

so there you go =D

Probably lot more variations exist


There is unused helipad in Isle of Sgail.
There must be some EE related to exit through that helipad going by trend of different exit EE in Miami.


it’s not an EE. just use a handflare and yhe exit unlocks


You should find a flare stick thing before using that helipad extraction point


Wow there is always more in this game, isn’t it? AWESOME! =D


Where to look for it?


the security room underneath where Jebediah Block stands


Potential mission locations -
Found these in Isle of Sgail



5+2 = 7.


4+5-2 = 007


That too



Thanks to the sticker now that is 4+5-2+2 and nothing makes sense anymore :frowning:


Reminds me of the time people found that fashion magzin with a bunch of city names and were convinced that Hull would be a location in Hitman 2.:wink:


Then again the H2 locations were hinted on with post cards. :smiley:


What post cards?


I don’t have the image on me now, but for example in Sapienza they can be found. @cakeblock941 has a screenshot.


there’s a yellow umbrella in Colombia OOB. if you shoot it, it falls into the water and floats to the dock (near boat exit). currently trying to find what it does


what does that mean?


Out of bounds, outside the accessible map.