Easter Eggs in HITMAN


Also i got no idea why my shadows are so broken


Revert to the previous NVidia driver version if you have updated to the latest version. That should fix the pixelation issue.


It is probably a Tarzan easter egg, Jane is losing a yellow umbrella when chased by the apes in the Disney movie.

Why do I know that ffs


dont worry, that’s the first thing i thought of too :stuck_out_tongue:


so the umbrella exit unlocks after doing Hero of Santa Fortuna! was long and tedious but worth it in the end


I don’t even. I can’t even…


Make sure when u do hero of SF to do the submarine demonstration last


video of how to do it:

bonus image


Nice find :smiley:

10 chars


Def a candidate for the forced exit of a potential new Ultimate Timewaster contract @BernardoOne
I wonder if such a contract works with the !KO rule…

EDIT: it should if the four disguises required for the challenge are targets plus Rico at the end.


Do we know if the other Easter Egg exits (like the dolphin fountain in Miami) can be set as required exits in contracts mode?

The dolphin exit requires you to have the fish in your inventory, correct? I wonder what will happen if you put the dolphin fountain as required exit, but whoever plays the contract doesn’t equip the fish at the mission loadout…


There are plenty of fish that can be found within the level.


yes you can set it to be the required exit. hence, the “impossible SA” contracts that feature the dolphin exit popping up


Unless you need to deliver the cocaine souvenir, the only two disguises that require knocking someone out are the shaman and the tattooist. Also there’s the guy carrying the love letter. I don’t think there’s a peaceful way to obtain the letter from him.

So If you make these three and Rico targets, you can complete everything without knocking someone out.


Dunno if it’s an easter egg but anyone notice the throwback to the old hitman maps in Colorado?


I don’t know if anyone already said this, but I just realized that weird statue in the vault is just a reused asset from the suites in Bangkok.


My list is then:

  • Rico
  • Tattooist
  • Shaman
  • Guy with glue
  • Guy with love letter

So these would be the targets.


Like penguin in “Batman Returns”!


Yo what happened to exit on duck Easter egg?


Marry Poppins! Gobsmacked