Easter Eggs in HITMAN


uber knows what hes talking about.


I get it now. And yes I know. But that is not same as this one.


Why would Rico need to be a target?


I thought the demonstration has to end lethal for the challenge but was mistaken.

Already elaborated the contract idea further, might post it when I have all ideas set and made the contract. :smiley:


I assume right now it’s kill limping guard, Taita, P-Power, shopkeeper and 1 more, with at least two of them using sacrificial dagger and machete (maybe also cleaver and folding knife) and escape using umbrella. Have you picked last target already?


The four targets are right, the methods just partly. :wink: Just wait for it.


A cheeseburger


laughs in American


does the cheeseburger appears somewhere else? Or is this an easter egg?
Edit: Because if a response to a proper easter egg gets more likes… Then i assume i am not a very likable person


There is one in Isle of Sgàil. Somewhere around the church, lying around like some kind of forgotten tool. Might have a meaning.


Aww hell. I tought it was an easter egg :frowning:
Im dissapointed


Whereabouts did you find it in Miami?


It can appear in Ghost crates in Ghost Mode.
Somehow it’s also illegal to pick up from ghost crates.



It’s illegal to pick up in Isle of Sgàil as well. Guess it’s a crime to steal someone else’s cheeseburger in the Hitman universe lmao.


Well do I got to your guardpost and eat your food! I mean it is just good manners.:joy:


Well tbh I don’t think the guard was going to eat his cheeseburger anyway, it was fair game at that point.


Pacifying/killing a man and taking his hamburger is even worse.


Except apricots. You can take any for free and now they don’t break as easily!


Maybe the cheeseburger is a symbol for the Ark society, grabbing tightly around their decadent and egoistic lifestyle.

Yes, that must be it.