Easter Eggs in HITMAN


Oh, I forgot then sorry :sweat_smile: For some reason Match 13th in printed on my brain


One of the guards needs to call an exorcist for that kid


Jason Portman is in Sgail, though there’s no dialogue referencing him AFAIK. He’s the Ark Society member trying to convince the guards to let him into the Architect area. Safe to say, his surgery was disappointing and failed to achieve true Greek God status.


Biggest troll would be if IO gave portman 47’s 2016 face :laughing:

@Travis_IOI can we make this happen plz


I want this to happen so much.


Sorry for not posting an actual easter egg , but
I would love to see an easter egg/challenge related to Megadeth!!!I mean there is already the song “Killing is my business…and business is Good”.They lost their chance with Jordan Cross not having a metal band , but they should have used it for example at Whittleton Creek basement band house.After listening the song they could show us Rattlehead-Vic skeleton dancing with this suit!!
They ll have to pay for the rights but I think Dave would easily approve MegadeAth47 \m/


I found this note in Miami. First of all somebody is obviously a football (or soccer for you 'muricans) fan.

What really made me laugh though, was the line in danish saying “Jacob Stegelman er gud”. That translates to “jacob stegelman is god” and refers to the long time host of ‘troldspejlet’ or ‘the troll mirror’: A danish tv show about gaming, films and comic books.
He is quite beloved by danish gamers and is also the host of the annual gaming in symphony concert where, twice in a row, the Hitman 2: SA soundtrack has been played by the danish symphony orchestra.

I know this might seem boring to none-danes but it really made me smile because it reminded me of the time back in H2:SA where all the ammo-boxes and papers had references to diferent danish politicians and football clubs. Made me feel special to live in Denmark as a kid and this brought me way back.!

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Crap he looks different now


Hhaha good find





Did anybody ever crack the weird picture in colombia with the three spots? I have a feeling that the EE hunt was so much more alive in S1 because we had to wait for the next episode. I bet there are still a bunch og cool Eggs to find in H2


Yes I feel the same that apart from obvious EEs like specific exits and hidden room on map, there would be more hidden EEs.
Did anyone of you notice eyeball in the room with server and meaty bone on 1st floor of house where the outdoors party is.
I shot the eyeball and it made splash of blood on the floor.
Wonder what that is about.


Might be a bit of a stretch, but a man named Frederick Engels was Karl Marx’s communist buddy in the early days (Janus goes on about the greatness of the USSR). And the Frederick Engelhorn in the level was the one Janus put forward for leadership.

Perhaps an easter egg about communism and such?


You may have noticed a recipe at the bar of the Isle of Sgail level, for a cocktail named “Dragon Flame”, supposedly a traditional beverage of the Ark Society. It may be referenced in some NPC chatter, but I’m not sure about that.

It would appear that this cocktail was put into the game specifically as “revenge” against Andy Farrant, one of the moderators of Youtube channel Outsidexbox, who had mentioned in a conversation with a developer from Sumo Digital that he thought Colorado was the worst level in Season 1. Having worked on that level the developer seems to have taken advantage of the fact that one series of videos of the channel is mixing cocktails from video games (including Novikov’s favorite, the Bare Knuckle Boxer, by the way) and he made it an awful drink.



Did you find that yourself?? And how?

Oh and does the knife unlock as an unlock if it didnt already in colombia?


Anybody solved the hangman puzzle on the left?
What is the word.

And what is this?
One of the sticky notes shows path in secret tunnel room with arrows.
What are other two sticky notes about?
And that sketch of a angry woman/witch/girl?


The word is obvious: hippopotamus :slight_smile:


i think that hairstyle is hector’s, right?


The sticky notes are for the puzzle for the knife. Those are directions as well