Easter Eggs in HITMAN


Not it seems obvious when you said it.

Maybe. Looks more like a generic girl sketch.

Well one sticky note is for directions.
What does the F1,R1,L1 mean?


generic girl with hair on their chin? hmm


I thought that is angry face.
Maybe you are right. But why Hectors sketch?


Forward 1, Right 1, Left 1, etc. for the directions in the maze


I think it’s about the dagger in the secret tunnel


Anybody think there is “IT” movie related EE in WK. There are similar water drain grill on roadsides and there are lot of balloons in barbecue area…


I thought there might be, the other day I did pop all the balloons, not sure anything of significance happened, but then again I got killed by guards before I could explore further.

Edit: Maybe try doing it dressed as Corky?



I tried blending in on the Janus ceremony table with Blood Money white suit. But it wasn’t possible.


Those water drains are just a thing over in the US, they’re everywhere, and ballons are a staple of home parties, plus there aren’t any red ones.


There’s also a piece of intel about that cocktail, I had been wondering for a long time if there was a kill related to that but it seems there’s not lol.


Woah woah woah… WHAT!!?

I just realized this right now! The female jogger in “Another Life” says the exact same lines as the male jogger in “A New Life”

“Another gorgeous day in paradise, huh friend?”

“Howdy friend, couldn’t ask for a nicer morning.”

Holy cow, the amount of effort and detail IO puts in their games is beyond words. Did anyone know this? (I’m sure there are some so sorry for being late lol)


didnt noticed that but i’m not surprised, i mean Whittleton Creek is pure BM Fanservice, even when i cant understand why. “A new Life“ was one of BMs weaker Missions.

i’m still pissed that theres no Codename 47 Reference in Three Headed Serpent.


Well I honestly loved “A New Life” but that’s me, I’m also aware that it really was a favorite to most BM fans but hey everyone has a preference.

I do however strongly agree with you about Colombia. I thought for sure we would hear a Pablo reference somewhere. It’s a shame there was not (unless of course I just didn’t come across it yet.)


Damn lazy IO and recycling audio lines!


I have a feeling you’re joking but if not, are you crazy? lol hearing that blew my mind


And I was soo sure I did not need to mark sarcasm in my reply. :grin:


Ha, it’s just small little details like that that made me fall in love with this awesome series. Gotta love it!


I really gotta see a video of this now.


Sorry, can’t provide a video right now, unfortunately. But all you have to do is run beside/with the jogger and she’ll eventually say the lines. Come to think of it, a video would be great to see. Of both the male jogger from Blood Money, then the female jogger in “Another Life” pretty cool Easter egg, fitting for a rabbit such as myself to find :joy:


In Colorado, I sniped the targets (must have been hitman 2016 because it worked lol), but when the guards came to the tower, one shouted “Come out McFly, or are you yellow”. Love the reference to Back to The Future :grin: