Easter Eggs in HITMAN


But there’s a reference to A Vintage Year :wink: Rico says it when he’s examining his own museum(or doing something similar)


the whole level is a reference to A Vintage Year :stuck_out_tongue: Ochoa is more interested in C47’s Colombia


There is Golden bust which I think was in C47.


Not Hitman series related, I played The Ark Society yesterday (so… maybe I’m a bit late and someone already noticed it) and that treasure hunter, Blake Nathaniel, sounded like a good reference to Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series to me!


the Bust has a different Size and a different Look, so i dont consider it as a reference.


If you look back in this thread, we all hoped for a lot of refferences to older levels in 2016. I remember people being mad about Paris not having refferences to Invitation to a party.
Today I am kinda happy that there isn’t too many. Refferences like that get old real quick and I am happy I’m not hearing people in Paris talking about Spetznas agents or something like that


How would that be worse than hearing the “Look Daniel, she’s nice” every single time?

I like references to older games. They allow a certain acknowledgement of what occurred before. Something which given all the retconning can’t be expected from the story anymore.

It can also be like out-of-the-way stuff that can easily be avoided, like Agent Smith or the bathroom line in Hokkaido. Or something unobtrusive like the Jungle God’s head hanging on a wall as a trophy.


it wouldnt make any Sense, Invitation to a Party and the Showstopper have nothing in common, they dont even take Place in the same Country.
In Three Headed Serpent Diana should at least say “Welcome back to Colombia, 47“.


Oh, I do agree with both of you. I would have loved small nods to previous fans. What i meant was that I dislike the general trend of overusing characters/symbols/names etc. They can quickly make the univers feel really small. Like in Star Wars which is supposed to be a gigantic universe but where it always ends up being the same planets and characters being refferenced as a fan service. When boba fett’s, a random assassin’s, dad is all of sudden the start of the storm troopers it does quickly seem small to me.


But but but it is Boba Fett! You know the guy that hardly ever talked, did anything, debuted in the Star Wars Christmas Special and was last seen being eaten by a toothy sand vagina. I mean don’t you think such an epic character deserves to have his backstory fleshed out and then have it be rehashed an expanded upon in a TV series?/s


My point exactly. Some of the magic of Hitman to me is the world of assassination. Visiting saint petersburg, colombia or sapienza was always so cool to me because 47 was just a fly on the wall. There anf then gone again with noone noticing. If the missions are always involving ether or relatives of old targets there is a risk of that world getting really small and 47 feeling like he is in a comic book where the villian is somehow always at the same place as the hero.

I don’t think a trophy of the jungle god or a ‘welcome back’ would do that at all though and I do think that it can work in some cases when well explained.


In all fairness the have only done this three times in twelve levels barring extra levels. Only the Delgardos are made a big deal out of. I like seeing the aftermath of these hits for to long 47 has been doing these hits and we have only seen the basic results of the hit.


Yeah, again I agree. I do think that Io have been really good at creating levels that feel like earlier installations without overdoing it. My point was that the mansion in Colombia already has the delgado family which makes fine sense. If there had also been some kind of connection to the C47 levels it would have taken quite some suspension of disbelief to accept the coincidence of two earlier hits being connected like that.


Aren’t the Shaman and the golden idol C47 references?

But I do agree, there should be more obvious nods to Pablo. The Delgado family is being thrown into your face with references to Fernando Delgado around the level compared to the few references to C47’s jungle levels.

Tbh the many talking about Don Fernando Delgado is more appropriate because of the whole Delgado Cartel thing, but there should also be some kind of talk about Pablo, since he was once the biggest druglord of Colombia.


Hah no way is that shaman a reference to C47. He is not some flagrant stereotype. At the very least the Taita is exaggerated. Pablo has little to do with the plot of the mission outside of geography.


Golden Idol =


I found this guy while playing contracts the other day. He walks around the map dropping CSI Miami style one liners. His name in contracts is Layton Caine, after Horatio Caine from the show.


That’s so cool, that’s a great find.


And the shades are hilarious.


It’s amazing that with so many collective hours of playtime of HITMAN 2 across every user on the forum that this went completely unnoticed for almost two months.

I wonder what else is hiding in plain sight…