Easter Eggs in HITMAN


I thought patient zero cutscenes were like that, just on a private jet vice commercial.


Indeed they were.


Glad to see he made enough money to go from flying Economy, to flying private.


I always thought the Contracts and BM cutscenes looked like Business Class in the pre Layflat seats era, but yes! He’s moved up in life!



That is kind of an anticlimactic Easter Egg after all that work :-/


Mumbai seems to have the least Easter eggs discovered…


The quality and class of these plane briefings changed too.

In Contracts 47 receives his briefing in a letter given by Diana, who’s in the seat behind him. 47 is sitting alone in the dark, so no one should notice him reading a kill order.

In Blood Money he receives his briefing on his small laptop and is communicating with Smith via an earpiece. 47 however doesn’t speak any details about the kill order out loud and he’s sitting next to a kid who’s more interested about his ducky, so there shouldn’t be any problems here.

In Patient Zero 47 is in his own private jet receiving the briefing on his laptop once again, but since he’s alone the briefing can be discussed out loud without worrying someone might hear. (Ofcourse the pilot is hired by ICA, he won’t talk.)

47 upgraded class every game, and changes his way of going through the briefing judging from the situation he’s in. In Contracts he’s in a probably filled plane, so everything must go quiet, in PZ he’s alone, so nothing to worry about.


I was waiting for this to be discovered any day now after seeing more rubber ducks being found everyday
Great work @MrOchoa @Johnny100peso


@Ibbe040 Why sniper is not showing as illegal?

Also what about the dig spots marked on map. There is no progress on that one.


Its not my video


This was probably found ages ago, but I just saw the pinapple in one of the aquariums in Miami.
An obvious Spongebob reference


Ironically, when you shoot the aquarium a starfish can be picked up :grinning:



damn well ok that’s nice


This was the only thing I hoped for in Miami before the game came out.

Gg IO :+1:


And there is a yellow square sponge to the left of it…


Again a great found by @martinoz I think the secret dolphin exit is also found by him. Hope people give him more credit, I just saw another video about this Easter egg on YouTube after this video posted and said he found it “himself” :roll_eyes:
BTW this one hell scary Easter eggs


I was starting to think it would never be found :smiley:


I didnt think there would be any more easter eggs in Miami. It seems like that was the location yall focused the most on for easter eggs :joy: :+1: