Easter Eggs in HITMAN


Anytime I see more than few posts in this topic I get very excited.


Good job @Bjarne_IOI
This one is creepy. Love it.


PALLAS turned into PAZUZU.


Oh, look at him. He wants a hug.


Wait why? Is exorcisms related to miami somehow?

Also, holy moly, Miami seems to have a lot of EE’s. I wonder if it is just because we haven’t found them in the rest of the maps or if this really is just the best of H2


I wonder if there is more. There is still the crate rubbish below that is highlighted in instinct. :thinking:


was thinking exactly the same… :thinking:


I mean a living robot dummy


not sure if easter egg, but this ship name in Miami is a reference


Its a very silly yacht


Were you responsible for most of Miami’s easter eggs and references lmao.


This makes me want to search every inch of the maps :persevere:


I don’t know about you guys, but I think there’s more to the murder house than only the vault. A while ago I posted in the Enter the vault thread that it almost feels like you’re not alone in there. Then Lasse from IO liked this post, this made me think, is there something we don’t know yet?

My post in Enter the vault

So there is a plumber in the house, and at first I thought he is involved in the (possible?) easter egg. So I was trying to make him flip out by overflowing sinks, turning the TV on, ringing the bell, opening the garage door, but nothing happened. Maybe the vault might be involved if there is something more?

I don’t know yet. Maybe there isn’t more to it, but I don’t think that’s the case. I think there is a certain pattern or something that will trigger something ‘eerie’…

Only a like from IOI staff will confirm my speculations


This is probably nothing, but i was fooling around, doing a mess in the house and then trying to sacrifice three guys in the vault (there are three mats, so i put unconscious plumber, mailman and politician on them and killed them with an axe), and then i dragged Cassidy there and suddently i’m getting this opening/closing sound around the house (particulary in the basement entrance) that i don’t remember normally happening and can’t figure out, where it’s coming from?? (All doors seems to be staying open.) Maybe something is just bugging out for me, but i will share this just in case there is something to it…


That’s interesting and a strange sound…:Denken:


We might be onto something!

So what should we do now?


This gives me dem spooks.

Maybe we should try to find the responsible door with Ansel?


This might be related to the weird sound it makes if you actually get Cassidy in there? I love that the vault hunt is back on. I feel like I have tried everything so it’s good to get some fresh eyes on this


Hmm, when i reloaded it from the save, the sound is no longer appearing, so it may really be just a sound bug (maybe some remains of how doors used to close by itself?). Will try to do it again later, to confirm or disprove the possible bug.

I tried to peak into the kitchen area with Ansel, when i was standing on the basement stairs, since that’s where the sound is the strongest, but i didn’t see anything opening (But my distance was short, i don’t have that Ansel camera range unlocked.)


So apparently this is an easter egg: