Easter Eggs in HITMAN


Audio rip from bigmooney easter egg:





Is that speakerphone sound effect in game?
How can be the audio you posted is without the effect and the one in game is with effects?


I came across some NPC dialogue in Mumbai that I hadn’t heard before. One NPC talking about how Vanya Shah (or a woman, at least) had him fearing for his life, and he mentioned leaving a large sum of money “at the water pump under the power junction.” Is this just local flavor, or is that something that can be found?


Not a local flavor. Time to search with shovel.


Common feature of engines these days is to add such effects realtime.


Actually pretty funny lol


Apparently so :smiley:

20more :smiley:


Does someone want to fill me in on an apparent Easter egg in blood money/death on the Mississippi? Where everyone turns to zombies? I heard about it on the emoji thread but that didnt seem like the place to ask.

Played the game for over a decade and I didn’t know about it lol


Why don’t you search yourself? That would be efficient than asking question to fill you in on it.


True that


Check you tube. I can’t remember how to do it. Something to do with a coin and you have to shoot it 3x or throw it then shoot it. It’s noting that is easily stumbled upon.



SPOILERS (watch at your own risk lol) but to be honest I have no clue how one would figure this out hahaha it took me years until I found a video of it. How someone figured to do all this in order to work is beyond me.



Seriously, how that guy found so many easter eggs?


Many hours of exploring. Some are m random findings, like the excorcist but others can take literally days and even weeks to figure days


Wait, what did he do? I just see thr normal mission story?


I thank you and anyone else who puts that kind of time in. I don’t have the time and I love all these hidden gems.


Don’t thank me. I don’t have that kind of patience


Ahh nothing like a good old fashioned make the random NPCs dance Easter Egg. Thats IO for you.