Easter Eggs in HITMAN


The normal mission story dlesn’t come wth them dancing though lol.

He put three items in the money pit as you can see three prompts when he’s near it. He said he’ll upload a guide soon


I really like this easter egg. And i like that he is not showing what triggers it. So let’s talk about it. I expect he will throw three cocain bricks into the the money pit. But i only found two cocain bricks yet…
Anyone an idea where the third could be?


Where are the two you found? I only know of one in the bathroom


The two cocain bricks are hidden in these vases


Found the third cocain brick: It’s hidden in a clock in the toast room :smiley:

Edit: This is the key to trigger it!
It would be cool to wait some days to upload a public video of this easter egg. This guy (Martinoz) did a lot of great research in the game. At least a credit for his find would be nice if anyone does :wink:


He definitely deserves the credit. He has shown to spend alot of days trying to find easter eggs.

He was going to hold off on a guide because theres a youtuber that copies his videos without giving credit. So he’s mad that his work and many hours spended doesn’t get any credit but I guess he’s gonna do one now before the youtuber takes the video again without giving him credit, and tbh the youtuber comes of as a real douche in his video comment about why he doean’t credit him or hmf


Who’s the youtube thief?


Demonitisation experts



He even copied Martinoz video description



Holy sh*t that’s terrible! No wonder mr Martinez is pissed!


Honestly Martinoz could legitimately report the channel to Youtube for plagiarism based on those video descriptions. Not that they would take any action, but at least he would have tried.


Classic Mr. Bean

Bean (1997) is his funniest movie


Haha they should have included the towel for when he went to the beach :laughing:


Gaming Gold has had a history of being a complete cunt and taking credit only for himself. Most of the stuff he does is total crap so he steals from other people to get credit. Never liked him in the past.


Holy moly. Now that’s an interesting easter egg to casually put in. It’s not one that’s triggered, but just a prop cleverly hidden.

…I’ve only seen the Mr. Bean series and the movie Mr. Bean’s Holiday, so I wouldn’t understand the reference of the painting. I didn’t know there was a piece of his media that I missed.


Yep in the film he doodles that face on the Mona Lisa after it is defaced.


Whistler’s Mother, not the Mona Lisa.


Hmm I could have sworn it was the Mona Lisa. Then again it has been a long time since I have seen the film.


Don’t know if it was mentioned yet, but you can find the faberge egg in the Ark Society level. The same ones you had to retrieve from “The Broker” elusive target in season 1.

The description for the egg says only 43 in existence. Now I tried purposely breaking one and checking the description again to see if it would change from 43 to 42 but alas… it does not. Shame, would have been pretty funny I think.


Well the ones in the Ark Society level are marked as Filigree Eggs not Fabrege. But 43 is a reference to the real life remaining Fabrege eggs.