Easter Eggs in HITMAN


Oh yeah, I know that. But the actual term is “faberge” still, even though it’s not called that in the game, you can tell just by looking at it, it is indeed the same exact Egg from “The Broker”


True enough but in real life Fabrege eggs are more ornamented that save a few here and there. Also it is wierd that Ivory White is counted as the 43rd of its kind since in real life it would be 44th since Fabrege made 50 of the things for the Tsars and family (plus others for patrons for a total of 57 but the Imperials are the big ones)


Hm. Didn’t know that, cool!

Still, I think it would have been pretty funny if the numbers in the description decreased as you broke them in the game.


Thanks Wikipedia is all sorts of fun

Also it should go down once since Fabrege never made repeats. The others might be replicas they would not the difference.


Very possible.

20 characters…


One of my friends was playing Isle of Sgail when we came across a certain room after he had killed everyone. There was a moose or deer head in the room and everytime we passed it a voice said something along the lines of “Hey there” or “Hello”

Not exactly sure if it was a bug of some sort.


It’s a reference to the British comedy Fawlty Towers


I can’t get the recent Sgail EE to trigger. Dunno what I’m doing wrong.

I get the bricks, throw them in the cash pit and ignite. Zoe dies, nothing happens.

Any clue on what I’m doing wrong?


You have to do it in a special order:
-Get Cocain Bricks
-Throw them into the cash pit
-Take the moc disguise, pass the two guards, pass the two Ark members (They will say something like “Ah Mr. Moc you’re ready, tell us when it starts”
-When this is “triggered” then (and not before!) take wrench and manipulate the escape door

-Start the ceremony

When you manipulating the door first, then take disguise and start ceremony it will not work
EDIT: @Agent.Smith
-It does not matter in which disguise you throw the coca into the pit.
-No Save
-Wait for zoe until she stay in her ready position shown in the PIP Cam, then manipulate the escape door

There is no sound, this was added by him

Here is the video which shows all steps: (The music is added)




It’s still not working. Does disguise matter when you throw the bricks in? I’m doing it as an elite guard.

The tone at 0:40 in Martinoz’s video isn’t sounding for me. I’ll repost it so you don’t have to scroll:

Perhaps I’ll have to wait for his guide


Did you perhaps save? Didn’t work when i did a save…
I’ll do it again and send you a video


Yeah I’ve used saves for sure. Lol all this trying and retrying. Don’t feel obligated to make a vid, I’ll try without saving. That’s likely it.


@CHAOS_AGENT_45 Okay, it worked. It was the saves thing.

I should note that I still didn’t hear that tone from Martinoz’s video. He must have added it in himself

Edit: I didn’t see your previous edit hah


Hey everyone, I don’t know if this would be considered an Easter egg or not. But do you all remember in Hitman Contracts “Asylum Aftermath” mission? The bloody hand prints you can see on the wall???

Could it be related to this cutscene “Home Coming” in any way???

Since Contracts was 47’s “dream state” could this be a subliminal image deep in 47’s thoughts???

If I remember correctly, the prints in Contacts are the same way shown as in “Home Coming”


I think it is a repressed memory if anything. Certainly defuses the issue of “Is Grey having 47 on” theory.

But none the less IO have reveal a sliver of their true secret evil genius.


I stand corrected lol so what do you think? Is it possible this could be that? Or do you think I’m just overthinking? Haha


No I just think your assertion of subliminal messaging is wrong. I think it is simply a repressed memory, it is quite clear the mind wipe was not 100 percent effective. 47 simply held that image for a time unconsciously.


Maybe… I don’t have access to Hitman Contracts at the moment or else I would pop it in right now to check out the bloody hand prints to see if my memory serves me correctly.


That would be for the best to check. I don’t have Contracts so you or another might be so inclined.


Can anyone lend a hand :raised_back_of_hand: (pun intended :laughing:)

I’m dying to know!!

If this turns out to be true I will take back every negative thing I said about Grey lmao