Easter Eggs in HITMAN


Not overthinking, this looks legit to me. Esp given IOI’s past.

However, where are these bloody handprints? I don’t remember contracts being that detailed (its the second picture, right?)

If they are both prominently displayed, then yes, its no doubt intentional. But if after that, they say no, it’s a repressed memory, then I am absolutely done with this silly story. It’s like nine different groups of writers got together and tried to link their stories together and they each did a terrible job at it.

You know what’s disappointing about the episodic model from last season? The need to connect them story wise.

Each level is being separated. So separate the story. 47 Is an employee, not a World-Changer

Alright, rant over


Yeah that is how IO has been writing since Codename 47.

But why is repressed memory worse? It is by far the most logical and scientifically plausible. Certainly better than saying it was a secret mind control serum and Grey going: “I have assumed direct control of you 47”.


Because its a ridiculous cop out

And it’s a story full of cop outs

I cant predict what they’ll do, the story just annoys me to no end


Well I would much rather the more plausible cop-out than the ludicrous one that would exist just to be a “twist”.

This story is still better than most Hitman stories. I guess I am just used to it.


This is the entirety of the Hitman reboot

If you truly believe this, we must agree to disagree. It is by far the worst and most ridiculous and far-fetched.

EDIT: I haven’t and don’t plan on reading any comics about it


Even Absolution? That story sucks on every level. At least HITMAN has maturity in its telling and has good characters it only sucks in its execution which is the only trait the two share.


I dunno what that is, I’ve never heard of it.


Oh dear I often have amnesiacs ask me this. You see that is the problem if you forget the atrocities of the past we are condemned to repeat them. You just enable them to make more of these mistakes, I never forget.


I remember anti-sandbox. After that, nothing.


Well everyone remembers anti-sandbox. I feel like I am the keeper of the stories, I am the sole keeper of the techniques and I never forget the story or its flaws.


You’re the sole asshole :rofl:

Nah I’m right there next to you


I think Uber is the sole asshole on this forum. I am just a really annoying guy with a weird way of thinking.

But I have spent time thinking up an alternative story I have a rough outline but I am not the type of guy who flaunts it as better just a collection of ideas I congeal to use if I am ever brought to the task of explaining how to “fix” the game’s narrative.


Well I tore my room apart and finally found Hitman Contracts as I couldn’t let this go.

Unfortunately guys, I was wrong… I could have sworn the hand prints looked the same from “Home Coming” I couldn’t get a screenshot so I took an actual picture, here they are…

Goddamn it guys, I thought maybe I was on to something… all that for nothing lol would have been so cool if this was true. Sorry guys… FUCK!

Well, back to not fully trusting Lucas Grey :joy:


Well IO are known for screwing up stuff between games or even mixing promos and the game (and forgetting games wholesale). Maybe they forgot?


I don’t know, perhaps… man I’m just really disappointed with this. My mind would have been absolutely blown if it were true :tired_face:


This is not the asylum


I know, it would have been good to have IO be one step ahead of us. We (the whole forum) seem to be one step ahead always.


What are you talking about? The one in my pictures? Yes it is lol ??


No it is not. In H2 47 was kept in a youth detention facility before the asylum. But we all forgot about that “twist”.


Whattt…?? Well fuck me!! LMFAO well then that totally just shot my theory out of the water all together lol yeah well…