Easter Eggs in HITMAN


I was messing with ya man


Shit you took a long time to reply. I knew you were messing with me hence the joke at the beginning.

The rest of the stuff is more serious in regards to fixing the story.


Yeah, that was a confusing plot twist. Why didn’t they just use a Romania sanatorium instead of confusing people?


We talked about that with @Brownell in other thread.


Somebody help the man! :joy:



Somebody didn’t pay very close attention :smirk:

I love ya man :joy:


Yeah, it’s all good… I know now at least. Though I would have much preferred my theory and they really should have just used the hospital instead of a detention center (for god knows why?)


While trying to get all challenges in Mumbai, I happen to notice the calendar that’s in a few places. It’s for “Apirl” 2019. The days of the week aren’t in traditional places (at least, not for the US) It’s starts on Saturday… Anyway, this doesn’t resemble the correct 2019 calendar (nor any month of the year as per the dates and what days they land on), but there are dates circled on it.

It does make me wonder if something won’t happen on those dates; the 6th, 7th, and 28th. Perhaps content for the game? Or maybe it’s nothing.


What were the numbers people thought had to do with the vault in whittleton creek? Are they these?


So nobody still figured out the vault huh? I been trying everything myself, no luck yet… will see if these numbers are related though somehow.


Well we opened the vault since a long time, what the numbers and the statue indications mean is still mysterious.


im still hoping theres more to the vault than just the statue and the axe


I meant the outdoor statue and the ideas of it being hollow and stuff.


People got the vault open?!



The fuck is this, school doom night?


Maybe the statue comes alive and kills Janus with Axe? :joy:



Bugger me.



That ‘Ivory White’ from the Paris ET! I thought they’d just reused the model. It would make sense for the Washington twins to have got hold of it, though.


Yeah they did, same design.


You’d think they would play more upbeat music to match the dancing.