Easter Eggs in HITMAN


There’s definitely something going on with that Wesy statue~


I’m still thinking about it too. There must be something.


This coming month @Hitman Season One is available for free if you have a @PlayStation #psn store plus subscription.
Go grab it if you can and take a listen - I worked on A LOT of things in this game - and there is still a few easter eggs of mine not found yet#gameaudio #gamedev pic.twitter.com/5Ap23C982b

— Bjorn Jacobsen / Cujo Sound (@CujoSound) February 5, 2019


I guarantee you it has something to do with the Marrakesh soldiers and that weird goat sound when you shoot them! (mostly the ones in the tunnel)


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Excellent stuff! If I was the guy designing these things, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night from the excitement of wanting people to discover them :joy:


Failing Yukis kills…leaving only one left to push.

This could be mean that you have to fail all the scripted kills and kill her, the last scripted kill would either be yoga push or director push…
Or let the last scripted kill play out, and then the easter egg would happen.

So for example, serve her the sushi without killing her, letting her smoke in peace and letting her in the sauna in peace.


If nobody is working on this, then I’ll begin working on it in about 30 minutes.


nah, those fireworks aren’t the easter egg. keep hunting though :+1:


Did you try switching the directors push with the yoga push? He also seems to hint that there’s a specific order in which to fail the kills


Based on her routine, it’s cigarettes, sauna, yoga, sushi, director’s meeting, and meeting as the director. Tried the push, nothing. Tried ignoring the push and destroying Soders’ heart, nothing to initiate dialog. Tried destroying Soders’ heart and killing him within the operating theatre, the same result. :thinking:

Edit: It’s actually cigarettes, sauna, yoga, director’s meeting, sushi, and meeting as the director. Going to try again.


Oooohh finaly the hunt is back on! Wish I didn’t have to work today so I could join in



  1. Planted the cigarettes and destroyed the heater.
  2. Emptied the sauna.
  3. Performed the yoga.
  4. Killed Soders in the operating theatre (to prevent the meeting).
  5. Poisoned the sushi with emetic poison, gave it to Yuki. Then fugu fish poison, gave it to a patient.
  6. Destroyed the oil barrel where she smokes.
  7. Met her as the director.


Tried failing the challenges in the exact order that they’re show in the challenge list, before finally pushing her over the railing where the doctor with an implant goes, also nothing.

Edit: Reloaded the save and pushed her over the balcony outside her suite, also nothing.


the hero of santa fortuna can be key


That’s what I’m thinking too


I’ve only seen her take detours when she’s running away, been poisoned, or searching for a guard. The Hero of Santa Fortuna’s order is completely random. Oddly, completing the first one first will result in you being shot at unless you eliminate him.


Have you tried doing the kill opportunities in the order of her walking route, but without ending it with actually killing her?

Just without derailing the opportunity like adding rat poison to the food or killing Soders in between


Yes, I’ve tried that. There must be an order because after removing every possible natural elimination, including the bottle of water in her suite, she just loops between going to her suite and going to the place where she smokes in the garden. The last remaining natural push opportunity is when she leans over the railing outside her suite. I don’t think that you can break the cigarette opportunity, you either do it or don’t do it. I even threw my briefcase, containing the sniper rifle, out of the window. :joy: One other thing worth mentioning is that you can also place her cigarettes in one of the booths next to where you serve her sushi. In order to break the sushi opportunity, I poisoned her with emetic poison.


Now that I think about it, it is possibly about pleasing her like we did with Janus. Think about it:

  1. First you give her the cigarette’s so she can relax
  2. Then you let her have a sauna session
  3. After that you’ll do some yoga with her, more relaxing
  4. Then you give her a fine sushi meal
  5. After you did that you meet her as the director and have a private chat

Then something could happen…?