Easter Eggs in HITMAN


She never enjoys the sushi unless you use the fugu poison, and she isn’t very happy with the director. I thought that it might be about making her unhappy, but a lot of the opportunities are about making her happy.


Well, judging by Bjorn’s tweet the director kill opportunity should be last since it involves a push kill.

Is there any way you can make her happy with the sushi? Litterly every other opportunity that you miss makes her happy, so it must have something to do with that.


Yoga involved a push kills aswell, maybe save that for last.


No, and the only way to break it is to make her sick. You can use the fugu poison to kill a patient, but she’ll still keep asking for sushi. The sushi reverts to normal sushi after one fugu use.


Tried that.

20 Characters.


I do have an idea that I’ll try as soon as I get home.


If you care to share it, I can tell you whether or not I’ve tried it.


The dude’s an audio designer. Maybe there’s audio cues that indicate you’re in the correct order. One of the things I’d look for is the audio cues that ocurr when you finish setting up a opportunity. Maybe a slightly different sounds is played when you’re doing in the correct order?


I thought the same, but didn’t notice anything. He states that he worked on a lot of things in Hitman. Could have been his idea but a programmer’s implementation.


@BernardoOne, just realised that you were the person to ask him for hints. Tweet this thread to him and see if he has anything else to add. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok so this order dosen’t work -

Yoga - Sauna - Fugu(simple one not poisoned) - Director meet up - push while she’s smoking in her suite’s balcony.

This is the order in the challenges list. I’m real disappointed lol, did this for 1 and a half hour to get no results. But at least the challenges are done


Maybe emetic poison? It doesn’t quite kill her, but maybe she likes rat poison.


Sweet Christ I’d give it a good go :joy:


The only other “push” that I can think of would involve the neurochip remote/the curator. I don’t think that it’s that though.


Tried that. See previous replies.


In his tweet he did write something like ‘and take a listen’. Also, guys name is cujo sounds. I’m betting it’s audio related as well


This is why I love this game - there are still EEs from Hokkaido to find!



They’re on to you :shushing_face:


This is a spoiler and Its in the wrong thread