Easter Eggs in HITMAN


Guessing this means “opportunities”

This might help with figuring out the easter egg.


maybe you don’t complete opportunities, but rather you fail them midway?
Though the only one I know that can really be failed is the yoga instructor one by letting Yuki spot you with a weapon.
edit: restaurant one can also be failed the same way.


Can you make her scared and escape the sauna if you turn up the heat and blow the door with a bc so it won’t close. Or maybe put a bc after your turned up the heat. Maybe make her guard come in the room.

Im just as curious but I dont have time to try the options lol. I know one of you will find it eventually


Not sure if this will affect the Easter egg or not, as the cable car is technically an assassination challenge, but you should shoot it to prevent her from escaping.


You can just fire a gun, or shoot a bullet, near to her when she’s in the process of doing something. The restaurant one can’t be failed midway unless you don’t serve her the sushi. The rat poison may be the solution to that one.


I think that the final push is when she’s leaning over her balcony outside her suite. That’s the only one that you can never seem to break.


The restaurant one can be failed by having her see you with a gun in the restaurant disguise.

Now what’s needed is a way to fail the cigarette opportunity, which I cant seem to be able to do


Yeah, that one probably can’t ever be failed. So I agree with Okami’s thought that it’s probably the ‘final push.’
I just failed yoga and fugu, then ended with smoke break. Nothing on my end.
Maybe Soder’s opportunities have to be failed as well?


Are you sure that it’s failed? Wouldn’t she just repeat her path and come back next time?


So, I tried failing everything and also causing lockdowns during each challenge. The director, yoga, and balcony push did nothing. They weren’t done in a specific order because trying to follow the order of her path caused her order to change, e.g., after a sauna lockdown, she went for a cigarette in the garden. I also don’t think that’s an indicator of the order. Notably, I eliminated the director so that she never met him at all, however, I did snipe next to her when she was on the bridge, causing a lockdown. It might be worth asking him if he’s talking about the fireworks. It would make sense as an Easter egg, it just may have been changed or implemented wrongly.


What if it didn’t transfer over to Legacy
:face_with_head_bandage: :face_with_monocle:


Do the other easter eggs still work? Like the gojira and li’l ninja EEs? If so, surely this is in there too. Convoluted as they are to find / get to work… It’s no wonder this one is as hard to find as well.


I have no idea, haven’t tried any in Hokaido. They should work.
Bernardo would be better to answer that :+1:


Well, this one (still) is, so…

I’ll try to find the others. I can’t recall what this one does…

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The ninjas cause the volcano to erupt don’t they? Or am I thinking of something else?


You should watch a video on that. It will take you a good time otherwise lol. A more easier ee would be the rubberduck in the operating theatre

Yes it’s the volcano.


Yeah the ninja roof path EE summons a legally distinct Kaiju.


Or its maybe the monster. I don’t remember which one is what


Ninjas are for the volcano. The lantern is for Godzilla.


What does the rubberduck do?