Easter Eggs in HITMAN


Sauna - smoke - Yoga push combination dosen’t work :cry:


Minesweeper easter egg

Go to December 2016 in this thread, you’ll see people trying to solve it. Bernardo was the first one who figured out the final step



Dismiss again? Does anyone have found something about this?
I’m sorry if it isn’t EE.


The senior rank mechanic appeared in Marrakesh. To my knowledge, there aren’t challenges in Mumbai that require dismissal, unlike Marrakesh. As such, it could potentially be part of an Easter egg. :slightly_smiling_face:


Someone find or bring a radio to the laundry area :joy:


Killing Vanya with Foreman’s opportunity required dismissal of few workers for me. so they wouldn’t see me kick Vanya off the bridge.


I dismissed them all, then they all just got up when i was talking to vanya and started working again when i assassinated her, tried to dismiss them again, the nice guy i am, so they wouldn’t have to work, but they didn’t want to stop :smile:


That’s true, but not necessary to complete the challenge. It was necessary for the H1 challenges.


Of course. A whip is going to be in the next update. :stuck_out_tongue:


This makes me want to subdue all laundry workers and hide them somewhere. :thinking:


I dunno if this has been taken into account, but I would avoid using saves when trying for the Yuki EE.

The one in Sgail with everyone dancing after Zoe burns breaks if you load a save


Found all those within the level files for Sgail:

I suspect all these were added by Wesley Arthur since he worked on Sgail.


regarding hokkaido et https://www.reddit.com/r/HiTMAN/comments/anrlgj/former_sound_designer_hokkaido_easter_egg_not_yet/efywzge/?context=3


So, it’s confirmed that the EE is audio. Your assumption was right. Thanks for sharing.


Where does he confirm that it’s an audio EE?


In the Facebook screenshot on Reddit.


I know we have that sound of a bulb breaking when an opportunity fails. Is that the sound? :woozy_face:


Do we? I’ve never noticed that.


Hi all, long-time lurker, first-time poster. Was ‘here’ for the Mini Ninjas hunt in Hokkaido when everyone was trying to figure it out and had some of the most fun I had with Hitman as a result. Currently engrossed in hunting for the Yuki EE now.

Managed to get a further clue from Bjorn Jacobsen on Twitter.

Clearly, we need to end by meeting Yuki as the Director.

I’ve pretty much sussed how to fail the yoga opportunity in a way that seems to satisfy the criteria, if you simply leave as the yoga instructor after talking to Yuki she gets upset then says she’ll complain to the Director as the opp fails. The sushi opportunity… I get a gun out as she eats, it fails the opportunity which is good enough, maybe? But I have no idea how to make her fail the smoking opportunity. I’m also assuming that the sauna counts as an opportunity of sorts, which is easy enough to ‘fail’.