Easter Eggs in HITMAN


I’m genuinely amazed at how you guys find these easter eggs!


Yeah I’ve been trying to fail the smoking opportunity in quite a few ways but no luck.


Is it possible to let her find the pack and then take it away before she goes to smoke? Or interrupting her mid-way through?


you can’t take the pack away once you place it


Merely placing the pack of cigs actually completes the opportunity. There’s only two steps, find the cigarettes, and place them. Not sure how you can fail that.


Maybe failing at shooting the gas heater while she’s smoking is one of the triggers for the EE. I think we are taking it to literal with the wording “Failed opportunities”. Besides in his latest clue he never mentions failing opportunities at all, he just says that she can be killed in many of them.

I think failing at killing her is the triggers, we need to figure out what order to do it all in. We know that the opportunity where you push her as the director is the last one but we have no idea what order the rest are in. We might even be missing a crucial step which is causing the EE not to trigger and maybe the EE is broken in Hitman 2. When I get home later today I am going to test stuff in Hitman 2016.


I’ve had no luck trying in H1. Some things that are worth mentioning are that you can fail the yoga opportunity by never taking her to the lesson, whilst using the disguise. She states that she wants a higher temperature sauna, but you can empty the sauna manually, without increasing the temperature. Triggering a fire alarm, when she’s in the sauna, causes a lockdown, but she returns to it later. The sushi challenge can be failed in several ways, so I’m not sure which method is required. I think that you have to kill Soders to break the bridge challenge. Cigarettes can’t be destroyed or thrown/dropped. Could there be a hidden item to lace, or replace, the cigarettes?


The position the director is in the picture … Thinking about maybe the emetic syringe or something like that? (he seem to be sneaking). Might count as a “failed” opportunity because you missed the original push action, but if she’s stay there instead of looking for a trash or a bathroom, you would get a second push action


Nobody I failed to notice that anyone has mentioned sniping her while she’s on the bridge with the Director. To fail, I guess you’d need to miss her…? Or maybe not shoot at all…?

Or does that (the meeting on the bridge) depend upon Soders still being alive?

As for cigarettes… Probably makes no difference whatsoever, but there are at least 3 different ones. The pack you get from Dexter’s room, the gardener by the helipad, and a locked cabinet where the 2 Doctors are that go outside to smoke. As for which place you set them… There’s the restaurant, and Yuki’s suite.

Or is the idea to obtain cigs, but never place them?


I’ve mentioned the bridge several times…

The cigarettes appear to be the same, although it’s strange that two of them are so far away. You can’t do anything with all three packets.

Edit: I wonder if the ones located in the medical cabinet have a different effect? Having said that, you can’t choose between the cigarette packets. You just get a prompt to place them.


It could be a false clue, but notice how the cable car is there? That could mean that you don’t need to cause her to panic, which can result in her trying to escape. The only way to prevent an escape is by shooting the cable car.


I forgot to mention that I got the yoga teacher to walk between the bar and the downstairs toilets near to the kitchen. I don’t know if that’s normal or not, but he would either stand at the bar or sit on a chair downstairs. I tried to get them to talk, when she comes to ask for sushi, but they seemed to ignore each other.


Just adding my two cents. Do we know if there’s any impact by shooting down the cable car or taking the kill list from Yuki’s laptop? Is that acknowledged by her?


Shooting down the cable car only causes her to panic if she sees it. Otherwise, it just prevents her from escaping. I took the kill list but didn’t notice anything, possibly because it’s a digital list. You’re meant to upload it to the chief surgeon’s computer.


Raining Moose easter egg in Marrakesh is broken in Hitman 2, the bells do not appear. There’s a slight chance the unfound Hokkaido one could also be broken in Hitman 2.


does shooting the helicopter still trigger it?


Has anyone heard the dialogue in Sgail referencing the infamous Paris puddle pile video? I’m surprised the Achievement Hunter guys haven’t done a new video on it.


Yeah I’ve heard it, it’s pretty funny lol.


So the unfound Hokkaido easter egg won’t work in Hitman 2.



Hmm. We still don’t know how to fail the cigarette opportunity. You either place them or don’t place them. You can shoot the patio heater, but she still goes outside to lean over the balcony. Also, there’s technically two cigarette opportunities, but one isn’t a challenge to my knowledge.