Easter Eggs in HITMAN


Full list of problems with this Easter egg:

  1. Cigarettes have to be placed or not placed. Yuki will still lean over the balcony regardless. Shooting the patio heater when she does this won’t kill her, but could cause her to flee. The only way to prevent her from escaping is to shoot the cable car. The cable car is shown in the image of the Easter egg.

  2. On returning from the balcony, she drinks from a bottle of water which can be poisoned.

Edit: I haven’t tried using emetic poison on that bottle, but shooting it didn’t change her visits to the balcony.

  1. You can fail the yoga lesson by either talking to her and running away (you might have to let her see you twice), by starting the lesson and leaving, or by completing the lesson and not pushing her.

  2. You can empty the sauna by removing the two NPCs and she will still enter it, despite no change in temperature. You can’t, however, block the door without increasing the temperature. You can alert her by letting her find the bodies in the sauna, and by triggering a fire alarm when she’s in there.

  3. She will never enjoy the sushi unless you use the fugu poison, which obviously kills her. Your only options are to use the fugu on another NPC, poison the sushi using emetic poison, or give her the standard sushi. Using emetic poison causes her to stop asking for sushi.

  4. She’ll smoke next to an oil barrel. You can either shoot this when she’s not there, or cause her to panic by shooting it when she’s approaching that area.

  5. She will still walk across the bridge, even if the director isn’t there. I believe that for the challenge to unlock, you have to shoot her on the bridge, with a sniper rifle, whilst she’s meeting with the director, otherwise it won’t unlock.


Well that’s good to know, atleast you won’t spend more time on something that doesn’t work in H2


Bjørns unfound easter egg should still work in H2. Just tested it :wink:

The marrakesh moose EE was removed on purpose though, however I believe its still in the standalone hitman 1 game.

Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread

What was the reason for its removal? I found it to be a pretty fun EE.


Loose moose abuse is not cool.


Is there a moose loose aboot this hoose? :joy:


No but there is a cah pahked in my yahd at Havahd and there is my beloved bah at Bah Habah, Maine.


Performance issues.
Boring, I know


Aww okay, well that does make some sense. Thanks for letting us know.


Are you able to give any hints with respect to failing the cigarettes opportunity? :grin:


I wonder, can you confiscate her cigarettes as the director? Or get the director to confiscate them? :thinking::joy:


Aww! It is like this kid I knew in primary school he would ask how to spell words during our spelling tests.


Hey, give me a break. There’s multiple opportunities, multiple ways to fail them, and perhaps even an order. We’re also talking about something that’s been undiscovered for years.


I know I was only pulling your chain,:grin: In all fairness random dicking around was how hunters found the moose EE in Morocco.


I know that you’re only teasing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Have you tried random shooting things in Hokkaido?


Beyond things connected with the opportunity, not really. Shooting the fish does nothing, you can shoot through the sauna window but that just alerts her. You can also obviously shoot the oil drum, the water bottle, the patio heater, and the cable car.

Edit: Tried shooting the temperature controls too.


Some updates:

Emptying the sauna, without turning up the temperature, causes Yuki to enter it during her normal path, but it you knock her out in the sauna, then the smoking challenge breaks (says target no longer available), and she dies in the sauna despite it being at normal temperature. Is that a bug? I wonder if dragging her out of the sauna, and causing her to be woken up, will cause an escape attempt.

Also, I may have been wrong about her going on to the balcony without giving her the cigarettes. When she last entered the room, she didn’t go outside.

Finally, I forced her to meet face to face with the yoga instructor, but they never interact.


I didn’t want to add this to an existing post so that people can see it, but I think that I’ve found the correct way to break the sauna opportunity.

Turn up the temperature and lock the two NPCs in the room. She walks in, checks the bodies, and says something like, “Woah, it must be 200 degrees. Even that’s too hot for me.” Then leaves. Or maybe this dialog is the normal and I’ve never noticed it?


Shot the patio heater which knocked her out.

Met her as the yoga instructor and ran away to fail the opportunity.

Gave her sushi with rat poison.

She discovered the bodies in the sauna.

Knocked out the director before she met him. Corrupted KAI and killed Soders.

Went to meet her and pushed.

Nothing. :roll_eyes:


I prefer to leave the hinting to Bjørn :slight_smile: