Easter Eggs in HITMAN


Understandable. :slightly_smiling_face:


Are you allowed to say how many easter eggs that haven’t been found in Hitman 2016?


I’d much rather just know if I should keep looking for new stuff regarding the vault tbh


I don’t think there’s anything more for the vault.


Man, there has to be… all that just for an axe and statue? lol I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s cool. But it just seems there should be a little something more to it.

They have the exact same statue in Bangkok, what’s the point of having it hidden in Whittleton Creek? Maybe if it was a totally different type of statue then sure, I could see the Easter egg ending there.

Something tells me there is more to it. There has to be haha


Feed it a muffin and see if it rains blood. :joy:


Nothing to do with the vault, but we still don’t know what is up with the numbers in the tree house. These numbers appeared in the Final Test already, in another order.


The sauna dialogue is normal. She says it if you turn the temperature up but don’t block the door. I also tried manually dragging the NPCs out of the sauna, but didn’t turn the temperature up, thinking that she would just visit the sauna once. But it turns out the sauna remains part of her cycle.

For what it’s worth, I used AdminSR1’s awesome audio converter to rip the dialogue files, but didn’t find anything particularly new or noteworthy relating to Yuki. Although, apparently she was originally named Yuki Yamasaki, which would explain why some of the NPCs pronounce it that way. And Sophia Washington was originally Serena if the labels are to be believed.

Bjorn specifically told me I was looking at the wrong files on Reddit, and I think I know what he was talking about now. I’m not sure how averse you guys are to datamining for easter eggs, so I’ll spoiler tag just in case even though it’s nothing too revealing:

There’s another folder (WWEV) that appears to have files for all events in a level, including easter eggs. For example, in the Hokkaido files there are references to “Hitmine,” “Monster,” and “Volcano.” Interestingly, I noticed some of those files also have .wav headers. You can cut out the relevant .wav section and feed it into AdminSR1’s converter to get the audio. My assumption is Bjorn’s audio easter egg can only be found in WWEV. However, the only files related to Yuki are one for the yoga push as well as “Play_CIN_Hokkaido_YukiFall” and “Play_CIN_Hokkaido_YukiFall_Alternative,” and neither have any audio in them.




Thank you for your input. I read your previous Reddit comments with great interest.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to discover an Easter egg via data mining but, by the same token, this is the first time that I’ve ever really taken an interest in attempting to discover/cause Easter eggs; a side-effect of my participation on the forum. If it hasn’t been a part of a challenge, then I usually haven’t bothered; instead choosing to watch the occasional YouTube video.

If you were to discover something via data mining, then I’d have no personal objection to it being shared. The creator of an Easter egg, however, probably doesn’t want it to be discovered in such a way. The only exceptions to this would be Easter eggs that were designed to only be discoverable via cheats and exploits, e.g., Easter eggs in 90s FPS games such as Doom.

Regardless, I admire your technical expertise.


While experimenting and searching for that Easter Egg in Hokkaido i found this:

There is an intended chance to snipe Yuki unnoticed as the Yoga Instructor. I tried this also in Hitman 2016 to make sure it is not a bug. And it works there too.

Heat the water with the wrench (for the “om” Circle EE by Bjarne also heat the sauna and trigger the alarm)
Wait for Yuki and talk to her as Yoga intructor
Place a coin behind Yuki before you start the yoga session
Start the Yoga Session
Your yoga guidens will automaticly be interrupted, but yuki takes the “upward facing dog” pose and stays there for about 2 minutes. If you distract her she will go back to the pose. This led me to the idea to snipe her, and it works perfect :smiley:
Here is a video with some examples:


I don’t think that it’s intended, it’s more an of an exploit, but nice find.


EE update.


Wilhelm scream?


That’s the first thing I thought when I saw that post. Would be pretty funny lol


I probably am, but I wouldnt know them all :slight_smile: There are almost certainly smaller EEs left in there that havent been found. Bjørn told me there are still a few unfound “nice shot” EEs in Hitman 2016 levels, for example :slight_smile:


In an ancient North African city - there lures a Swedish man to be killed.
A nice shot can be made where kids used to play without all the guns and swing in peace.


That would be too cheap - It’s a little more modern than that - actually, just me :smiley:


Well I think I know where you are talking about :wink:


But on the Amalfi coast - the weather is hot and AC is needed to keep cool in your apartments. They all look and sound the same, but in a dark back alley, where only small shops reside, above one, about two floors up - a special one lives and breathes. KILL IT.