Easter Eggs in HITMAN


If only there was a script for making the Yoga man do his job. You could set that in motion and then wait for tree pose (=



maybe the doll houses are the clues? Can anyone have the photos?

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I doubt these numbers mean anything & are more than just copy-paste flair element. They’re all over the place on the yacht too.




I’ve pointed it out in another post, how the sun is not in the right place in the sky (if we’re to go by the compass on the HUD Map). With 4 axes, maybe they’d correspond with the 4 cardinal directions. (not related but another inconsistency: the solar panels are on the south sides of the roofs - which is where the sun should be). Maybe if the axes were placed in the N, S, E, & W (like Mrs. West?) directions around the statue… Maybe that could do something?

eta: The Pioneer Statue, and the Bird (Demigod) Statue in the vault… Probably made of the same type of metal. One faces one direction, and the Pioneer faces the other. I wonder if they’re aligned on the map? No, they’re not aligned.

That makes me wonder if there wouldn’t be some way to have the statues rotate.


I can’t say I tried every combination… The music that plays in the basement. What kind is that? Would that be a clue to a direction? Something makes me think ‘North’ (like Norse?) But in the pic, I have it on the South end.

Might be another possibility, 3 other axes and 3 mats.

One thought I had was to perhaps kill certain people with certain axes. Then place them in the right spots. Either by the bird statue, or pioneer statue.

Perhaps kill Janus with the Crow Axe.
Kill Mrs. West with the Battle Axe.
Kill Cassidy with either the larger axe or the hatchet.
Kill Cassidy’s main body guard (the one with the shotgun and beige trenchcoat) with the other axe…?

Or any other combination. :crazy_face:

About killing certain people with certain axes. I killed Janus in his basement. Killed Mrs. West in her basement, killed Cassidy in the basement of the house for sale.

Other than the bodyguard with the shotgun, there’s no basement related to him.

The only other prominent figures are James Batty, and the couple having the party (whom also have a basement, but I’m not sure if that’d be a place to kill either of them).

I’ll need to review the lore behind the buried hatchet to see what clue that might lead to.



Sorry for not posting about a new EE.
I tried to do this in Hitman 2(ps4) but the last balloon inside the sea seems impossible to be shot no matter how many times i try.Have they changed the criteria to trigger this in H2??I shot 3 balloons from the church bell(Caruso room,Ruins,Lighthouse),1 balloon in the alley(balcony),1 inside Caruso yard(from the balcony on the right) and 1 last in the ruins(Sapienza entrance).Maybe it is a bug or they didn’t include this on H2…I would apprreciate if anyone confirms either that it still works in H2 or it was removed.

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Seems that when it was unlocked, the door would shut if/when Cassidy (or his body) was in the house. I wonder if you could soft block yourself from completing the level if you…



The door can be reopened though right? So I don’t think that’s why it works that way. Has anyone dragged a body of other item to try to force the door to stay open?

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Yeah one doesnt keep it open but two can.
There is an entire thread dedicated to the vault where all of our progress is though

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Yea I was reading some of it. Great efforts by many of you guys. I was really sad when I tried the ritualistic killing of Helen West with an axe at the statue and it didn’t do anything. Maybe I’ll try again at the statue in the vault.

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Cheaty Ansel fuckery, so i’m putting it under spoiler, just in case:

I clipped through the map with Ansel and found that these two have their twins stashed under the map. Haven’t found any other case of stashed twins in other maps. They’re already spawned there and i have no idea, for what occasion they would need a double, but maybe they have something to do with this? Dunno, grasping at straws here…:laughing:



I’d like to call this Janus - Vince McMahon power walk

Source of clip



Has anyone tried disguising yourself as the shaman and lead some people back to where that pot is boiling near the shaman hut. I wonder if they would sit down and medidate, maybe you have to perform some type of ritual there like the construction site. If so then I’m thinking it has to do with some ingrediens that you pick up in the challenge.
There has to be something more to it as they follow around the shaman. I wonder why they follow the shaman around.
Maybe something happens if you bring some to the altar room.
Has anyone speculated about this?

There’s also a lady following around 47 dressed as P Power. She’s near the bar. She won’t follow you far from the bsr though. She just goes back if you try to lead her away from the bar area.
She’s dressing the same as P Power



As far as i remember they stop at the bridge and didn’t follow him to his hut.
I still think there is something related to the shaman.Some hidden action or ritual…
Maybe this helps to combine things:
The green shirt guy who is also tasting the Ayahuasca can be scared* and causes him to run into the hut lay down and turn blind like the others. He will stay there until you enter the hut as the shaman.

* Emetic poison the shaman, knock out the shaman and hide him. Emetic poison the ayahusca for the green shirt guy. When he comes back from puke, he will search for the shaman. He get’s an “anxiety attack” says something like “Man i’m fucked.I don’t wanna be here anymore”



oh wow, nice find. there’s one animation that he does while panicking that i don’t recognize, the last one he does before going to lie down. is it a unique anim?



The lying down animation can also be seen on the guard who follow Sean Rose in Colorado. Once Sean Rose is killed that guard will eventually go to Sean’s room’s bed and lie down and start snoring lol



This is unconfirmed. It can be a non-golfball related thing happening in the map that causes the prompt to show up.

Secret door/path in Whittleton Creek unlocks when the golf ball goes in the striped flag hole

What does it unlock

@Notex @BernardoOne @Spods @cakeblock941



I’m going to go search and see if I can find anything.



Well I just shot the golfball into the hole and I never got the “Door Unlocked” notification.

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Was it the striped flag?

I got it like 30cm away from the hole



I tried both of the flags.