Easter Eggs in HITMAN


Try it on pro

It could also be an exit


Well idk what I’m doing wrong then.


Door unlocked prompt appears before you even shoot, which makes me think you set up proximity mine and remote distraction and then tried to time it, so explosion unlocks locked door as you shoot ball.


No. I have no reason to do that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You have two videos showing you the exact same thing, now you’re saying I’m setting it up?


Fair enough, record yourself playing level from starting cutscene up till getting “Door unlocked” prompt. No cuts allowed.


No I’m not gonna do that. I’ve already shown a clip and there’s another clip on the reddit post showing the same thing.

You do it since ur the one who’s calling me out for setting it up


And both can be set up the same way. So they prove nothing.

Burden of proof lies on your side, since you are claiming it’s true.


Like I would spend my time setting up a fake “door unlocked”


I saw trolls do a lot more than that just to troll few people.


Enough already. The people on here now I’m not that, I have nothing to prove to you.

Now please stop filling up this thread with nonsense.


So did anyone figure out what door it is?


I can’t even get a door to unlock from the golfballs. Only time I got a door unlocked was after I blew up some of the gas canisters around the party area to clear out all the people and idk what door that would have been.


There have been a few times I’ve gotten an arbitrary ‘Door Unlocked’ bonus to pop-up, one that I recall specifically is when I was just running down the sidewalk back towards Cassidy’s house. So it’s not impossible that the ‘Door Unlocked’ just happened to pop at the same time (or close to it) you got that ball into the hole.

I’m wondering if they’ll open the small toolboxes in the floor by the statue? (surely it would’ve been checked, but just asking).

eta: Say!.. I once found that house (#420) had the garage door open, and I never opened it myself. I wonder if one of the NPCs goes in there for some reason? And when that happens, if that’s not when we’re getting that mysterious ‘Door Unlocked’ bonus?

On the Whittleton Creek map, (pause, go to MAP in the menu)… Look in the top right. The house you can’t get to has a stairs on the side. There’s no way to get to it, so maybe it’s just a consequence of copy/pasting house models. If anyone is ever able to get OOB, they might want to check that.


I just got a random door unlocked after blowing up all the gas canisters again and the golfballs haven’t moved at all.


I’ve gotten a random “door unlocked” pop-up once when experimenting with the safe in the vault. It was a shed door that blew up from the gas canister. Same door you can see @immadummee47 blow himself up with here https://youtu.be/P5aSTi5TOIM
I don’t know what causes that explosion. I’ve never had it explode when I was in that shed, only in the safe.

Now back to this golf ball secret door. I’ve spent the last 20 min running around and not finding anything. The shed with the propane tank is still locked so it wasn’t that door that got unlocked

Haven’t found anything after 50min of looking around and it’s not another exit


Btw i think i just discovered the exact reason for the shed door opening/gas canister explosion


What’s the reason? I had it happen to me while I was getting Cassidy in the safe. I saved and reloaded, the tank exploded and opened the door around the same time in every load. This was around mid December. I figured it was only a bug until I saw Immadummees video.


…At least not unless it’s a part of a series of other triggers. Does not work from starting on Professional and going for it.

Now. The above video might indicate that I have awful accuracy. This is a ruse. In fact every ‘missed’ shot is an attempt to find secret triggers that IO developers have hidden in the grass, fence, NPC and wall textures in the level. No such triggers were found.

We can however confirm the existence of regenerating golf balls in this level.



Here’s the clip un-trimmed https://youtu.be/AeixKBLw_L0

Im gonna do it again and don’t reply to me again with nonsense after that