Easter Eggs in HITMAN


It seems that cigarretes have a random chance of exploding a non-opened gas canister. The guard next to the shed smokes right on the wall next to the canister and thats what it makes it explode.

I’ve tested this around and it does seem to be the case.


Ah yes, I don’t know the difference between private and unlisted.

Here’s the video.


But without seeing what you did before you starting shooting the golf area there’s no indication that this is actually happening as you said it is. If you record from the menu and use the timer in the video then we can see what happens. In the video on Reddit the user had been playing for over 45 minutes. They could have shot a number of items, triggered conversations and events that could have led to that notice coming up.


I don’t know. I’m not getting the pop-up anymore. Still trying though

I would appreciate if someone from IO confirms or denies that shooting the golfball into a hole in Helens backyard does get you “door unlocked” prompt or is it something else that happens in the map that opens up a door not related to the golfcourse. Please and thanks

Here is a clip of me and a different player getting the prompt


How about the West statue ? It’s still a mystery, did anything happened after the golf is in the hole?


I fully understand what you mean. I should’ve recorded from the beginning and with the timer on. Since there’s a clip already I figured it wasn’t that necessary to do that. Now for some reason I can’t get the prompt to pop-up.
I got the prompt 30cm ish from the hole and the reddit poster got the prompt when the ball was in the hole so it can be a non-golfball related thing that’s happening in the map that causes a door to unlock

I wouldn’t waste mine and others people time by setting up an explosion somewhere near a door and time it with shooting a golfball. That’s being a troll and afaik you can get banned from the forum for being a troll. I don’t troll nor do I amuse myself from trolling others.

Hopefully someone from IO can provide us with info if it’s golfball related or not.


Is there another way than shooting them? Like toss another object at 'em? Shooting them just seems to be blasting them to bits.


It doesn’t blast the ball to bits. The ball will become white again after some time because of the texture limit or something like that. I don’t know what its called but the scrapes on the ball will restore.
Same thing if you shoot the ground, it will scrape it but after some time the ground will restore itself

And no, I haven’t found a way to make it go into the whole unless shooting it


I tried throwing the golf club at it but to no avail. Also tried placing the golf club on the ground and put the gas cannister on the bbq to make Cassidy come into the garden. Didn’t know if there was a way to make him hit it in himself.


I was doing a kill everyone challenge thats why it was that long


Edit: im searching through the web to see if anyone else has found this


In this video, the prompt comes up BEFORE you shoot the ball after unpausing.


Yeah I know. I’m thinking it’s something else thats exploding and opening up a door. It’s not the shed because I checked that so I don’t know what door it is


Is it old news that fish turns to sushi when you put it on a plate?


Not to me. Nice find!


So far you are the only other person I found who said something about the broken pieces in the big exhibit. Can’t figure it out! Hope it’s not just glitch!


When I looked at top of poles in Santa Fortuna, I saw some glowing in instinct too, so it might just be oversight.


In Sapienza, when you start at the boat/ruins… There is a wine bottle there, and you can shoot it to get a sewer key (it’s related to the EE with the Plague Dr. disguise and catacombs). But the last time I played it - the key wasn’t there. Unless it was covered by the (pieces?) of the bottle to where it couldn’t be picked up. Maybe it’s sort of like the clay pot outside the Laundry entrance in Mumbai. You have to wait for the pieces of the pot to disappear before you can pick up the key.

Anyway. Can someone confirm if the key is still there, or is it missing? If it’s gone then the EE associated with it is probably removed.


Did you wear the Plague Doctor disguise when shooting the bottle?


No I did not. :pensive: :relieved: