Easter Eggs in HITMAN


I still think there’s a Max Easter egg in Hawke’s Bay


This was the one of the H2016 EE’s to be teased and still not found, as far as i know - one of the “Nice shot” ones.

(I spent the whole other evening shooting at everything around the school, then flying around with Ansel, searching for bottle sticking out or something, feeling crazier and crazier, and with no luck.)


Well it need not be a bottle. There are tons of AC units. But I don’t think it’s same as sapienza AC.


Yeah, i know. With Sapienza tho, they specified the AC, while here they did not. And since Paris and Hokkaido both had a bottle, i was searching for that first and when i didn’t find one, i tried shooting at everything around the school and just run out out of things to shoot. (It is possible tho, that the audio was too low and i just didn’t catch that, i can barely hear the other ones).
Someone find it already, bc it drives me crazy everytime, i’m playing Marrakesh :laughing:


is there a swing? since that’s the only thing the post really mentioned I’d assume it’s that


Yeah, two swings, one in the front, where the soldiers are training and then like two in the back area, where the dancing EE takes place. Tried shooting around both of these places and haven’t found it.


I killed Strandberg when he goes in for a drink in Zaydan’s room through window while standing near swing. Nothing happened except I heard Strandberg yell as he died as if he is standing next to me.


Is there any sapienza AC nice shot video?


you’ll find everything if you scroll up


Reposting for those who may have missed it

This is for sure my favorite ee in Hitman 2 so far

Found by Martinoz

How to trigger the easter egg



I was not able to trigger this ee.


That’s the same necklace that Spencer 'The Hammer" Green wears.


I think someone said that you need to find three cocaine bricks and throw them into the money pit to trigger it. They provided locations somewhere above but I can’t remember what they were.


Another one for the Danes in the new ET. Britta Nielsen is a danish citizen who commited fraud for a ton of public funds last year.


I found bricks and threw them in money pit, followed sequences as advised in video, but the audio cue and ee itself did not triggered.


Don’t use saves.


Hahaha awesome! Never saw that!


Isle. Tower. On bookcase we can see books by Oybek Nabazov. With photo and spiral logo.


Open vault door with keycard disable lasers, open garage door, ring doorbell 5 times and its open


talking moose head