Easter Eggs in HITMAN


You NAUGHTY moose
20 moose droppings

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These two skeletons are a reference to the “Lovers of Valdaro”. They can be found below the church in Isle of Sgàil in an open coffin.



I never saw the fish-to-sushi trick until your post. Thanks!


Potential Fog Horn easter egg in the new Hantu Port map:


In the new Sniper game… There is a middle light on that top part that is like a long cabin (for lack of a better word), it gives a ‘secret music’ sound when you shoot it out… Well, kinda a partial one like maybe it’s part of a puzzle.


could you take a picture? and have you unlocked the ghost ship challenge


Ghost ship challenge is easy

Shoot all the lights out on the ship


No screenshot (no point in posting it). As for getting the Ghost ship challenge? I haven’t. But I guess I will now next time I play. :pensive:


Very cool. I wonder if something happens if you sound off all horns, maybe it’s in an order


What top part? Can you take a screenshot or record. Or take a screenshot of notex video and point to the part that makes sound.


The ‘Secret sound’ happens when shooting this light. It must be part of the progress towards the Ghost Ship challenge.


Oh yeah…that sound you get when doing challenges or re-routing a target


Destroy all the lights on the ship for the ghost ship. Just did it myself
Edit: Tbh thats the first thing i tried after seeing the challenge
Edit 2: Rat O’Nine Tails: Cat O’Nine Tails, which is a whip with nine tails
And for Codename Crane, move the crane so the light shines onto the 4, then drop the crane. Then move it to the 7 and drop it again.


On base of each buoy present in the new sniper map there are bells, shooting them reproduce the typical cue sound, but nothing happen, I think i missed some or there is a certain order to follow

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After you shoot all of them a Kraken takes down a ship like in Sapienza and it unlocks an achievement


I think I found a secret achievement on the new Sniper mission.

If you shoot the forklift driving around the harbour you will unlock an achievement called ‘Forklift Tagging’.


It’s not that secret. It’s says what you need to do on Steam Achievement page.


That also works with stationary forklift I guess. Because when I shot stationary one the challenge popped up.


How do you unlock the whale easter egg though?


I Believe it says “avoid the security camera outside the door at all costs!”