"Easy Allies" Featured Contracts (March 11)

There is no thread for today’s featured contracts so I decided to create one just to ask where can I get the Facility Guard disguise, cause you cant pacify and I couldn’t find anything on HITMAPS

There is no ICA Facility Guard disguise in the map. And the No Pacification insta fail complication requires you to not knock out an ICA Facility Guard to take his disguise.
So you can’t complete the contract with 5 stars. You can still do it SA, but not with 5 stars.

A really poor contract.

If you still want to go for it then you can kill the targets in any disguise you want.


So IOI puts (let’s say) bugged contracts to Featured even without playing them?
Strange decision.

But hey, can you even create a contract when the condition isn’t met?

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It’s the creators choice. I won’t be playing it.


With non target kills you can create that.

RIP @ColdDayInHell and others who try to do all FCs with SA.


Damn, that’s a really poor choice :man_facepalming: hasn’t got me hyped for these contracts for sure


But the developer has the very last word in decision, and they put them into Featured, not the creator

Nah. Shame it’s a thing at all

Absolutely. But I imagine IO doesn’t enforce such rules as All contracts must be possible to complete with 5 stars SA.


What’s the point in contracts, especially Featured then?


Is that IOI’s rule or a community rule?

Honestly I doubt IO checked the contracts. They surely want all doable with SA but did not check these sadly.


Well, the creator intended for the contract to be played like a rouge god (their description). So there wasn’t an intention for players to complete it with 5 stars.
Either that or they’re not very informed on the contract complications.

This isn’t the first time a silly complication makes it into a FC, a Dartmoor FC had a No Recordings complication.


Most likely.
Which is why this is either a miss by IO or they let the creator go with it. I hope it’s the former.


I was really looking forward to this batch, it being set in one of my favorite maps.

The SA debacle is not great but I don’t mind it too much. Along with the Proloff escalation stage 2 I have the impression IO wants to pull us out of our SA comfort zone a bit. Shake things up. No harm done in my opinion. Can even be liberating!


I read that explicitly as a joke tho, considering the contracts were by Kinda Funny. It was annoying the joke got used twice, but at least it didn’t impact gameplay/score like this one has :roll_eyes:

Well they did build a system that doesn’t require it. So it’s safe to assume they ain’t too bothered


I’ve covered suit-only in different threads, but I think the same thing about Silent Assassin. It’s OK if you don’t get it. I don’t see any real reason that every contract MUST be achievable with a 5-star rating. The game itself allows contract to be created that cannot be completed with 5 stars so it’s not the end of the world. If IOI didn’t want a contract to be created that cannot get an SA rating, then they would have disallowed it.


Someone did it SA 5 stars.


Franz raised a good point about the Proloff Escalatiom, with level 2 not being SA required.

Maybe I’m just exaggerating. I don’t usually get upset at these things.


That’s prob with the Jeremy Bolt suicide. You can make him jump, but if you stand behind him then he’ll die where he stands, instead of jumping out of bounds.


It’s entirely possible to get onto a leaderboard with un-earned ratings using trainers and such. Not that it’s acceptable, but the possibility exists. I don’t know if that’s what happened with that score, but it’s not impossible.