ECHO - a game by ex-Hitman developers

I just stumbled across this from a GamesRadar article “You don’t know about these 15 games, but you’re going to want to

A game by ex-Hitman developers who have formed a new studio called Ultra Ultra.
Copy paste from the article
Ultra Ultra is a studio formed by ex-Hitman developers, so it makes sense that its first game is a methodical, systems-based stealth game. Echo has a twist, though, and it’s a big one: Your enemies will learn what you do and use those techniques against you. The palace you explore in Echo is sentient, recording every single one of your actions while its lights are on. Meanwhile, evil copies of the protagonist are trying to find and kill her. Suddenly, the lights go dark, and you’re free to do whatever you want while the palace is rebooting - as long as you don’t get spotted by the guards, of course. When the lights go on, the enemy guards will have learned every action you’ve performed during the last cycle, whether you’ve vaulted over a barrier, crouched, or fired your gun. This can pose a problem, as enemies will now be able to find you in ways they couldn’t before, but you can also use the enemy AI against them - like eating grapes to force them to break from their patrol routines… The developers told me an anecdote about a particularly perceptive player at PAX who walked backwards during the day cycle, forcing the enemy to do the same after the system rebooted, effectively destroying any opportunity for the guards to get the drop on her. Brilliant.

This looks rather interesting I think. A pseudo stealth game where the AI learns how you play. I’m gonna be keeping my eye on this one for sure. What do you guys think?


It looks very repetatively and you are in this building all the time? No thanks, this is not a game for me :smiley:.

I think so. They mentioned in the trailer about The Palace coming to get you or something.

Indeed, unless they have multiple areas of this palace it would get rather same looking quickly. Who knows, this could turn out to be a piece of shit or it could be a reverse No Mans Sky.

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Interesting. I will check it out, especially that’s old Hitman crew.

First thing I thought of was the Engine used for the last MGS game.

I think they said something like that-the AI learns from you. I was disappointed by that actually. Yes, it does react to you but it only reacts to you in 4 predetermined ways. It actually turned out to be basic. You shot alot they get shields. You sneak at night they get flashlights. That’s cool but it is not the expectation I had with

‘learns from everything you do.’

I had more detailed expectations. So I hope the AI does more than just follow the route you did last time. Or move fast to dodge if you use the gun excessively. So I’m guessing this is a puzzle game in which you go up against a game with an advanced AI system. The AI is make or break then.

And the developers from which hitman games? If its absolution-pass.

Looks awful crappy mechanics and the whole echo excuse to use one character skin for everyone haha lame. The palace looks cool but that’s about it no thanks!

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I think that could still be interesting. If the developers were smart, the game should be beatable either pure stealth or be like Batman Arkham where you can kill everyone, if you want to play this game like that, with different challenges and maybe story end depending on your play-style, as well as how the AI reacts.

The trailer does explicitly state that when the palace reboots (i.e. all the lights go off) you can shoot everyone in the face without repercussion or without the AI learning what you are doing.

I would definitely give this game a chance, the idea seems funny, but the stuff wee see looks a bit cheap, same character models, same environment etc. Could still be fun. They had a better strangling animation then Hitman :stuck_out_tongue:.

I’ve only ever seen this idea in fighting games before, and loved it then. I’ll give this a chance.

Interesting concept. I’ll try to remember to keep an eye on this. Sounds like it will have to do a couple of things pretty well to be great, but that applies to most games these days.

mmmm I don’t know. I like the graphic. But it looks like you can’t do nothing much besides hiding around and punching

I like it. I will be watching this one carefully

Beautiful art direction. Definitely interested in this.

who from the old hitman team? if its the folks that got fired after absolution. no thanks


“Brought to you by the hitman team before absolution.”

I would legit put that on the box.


That looks class, kind of like Hitman meets 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Definitely keeping an eye on that.

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From their facebook:

Ultra Ultra
May 9 at 4:26am ·

We’ll be at Nordic Game 2017 next week!

We haven’t shown the game publicly since PAX last year, so we are very much looking forward to leaving the office again! –Nothing beats field-work!

So if you’re there, we hope you’ll stop by and give the game a go! You can find us at the Unreal booth

Anyone going there? Haven’t heard anything of this for a while, and was wondering how everything was going. I almost forgot about this, but the concept is still interesting so it would be nice to hear something about it.


September 19th. PC and PS4.


Love stealth games so will be keeping an eye on this one!

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