Effect of owning different versions of H2 on H3 content availability

Hello, IOI people, I can only ever remember @Travis_IOI and @Clemens_IOI. Quick query. Well, quick for me anyway.

For H1 I bought digital only, I also bought everything for that game, got the legacy goty upgrades and all the stuff appeared in H2. All good, thanks.

For H2 I bought the Collector’s Edition for the extra (for a while) digital content. To avoid using the disk I then bought the basic digital edition of the game. So, I have all the content however do not technically own the digital Gold edition of the game, so the Xbox right now tells me I can buy it for £19.99.

When H3 is released there’s going to be some kind of mechanism for getting the H1 and H2 stuff into it but I wondered if a situation might come up where owners of the digital Gold edition of H2 might get some kind of exclusive perk within H3 (eg, special suit for those who have the digital Gold edition of H2).

Please would you reassure me that such a thing isn’t going to happen.

Apologies if this is already clear and I’ve missed the memo!

I’m wondering if i get the Hitman 1 and 2 Legacy Pack if i own both for PS4 and get Hitman 3 for PS5 :thinking:


During the stream, IO confirmed that it will be possible to play “under one roof” all the missions of H1 and H2 in H3 if you possess H1 and H2. They didn’t precise, but I think this import will be free for H1 and H2 owners.

They also precised that every unlocks will be transfered to H3. This transfer is still optional. They didn’t precise for the special unlocks (requiem suit, midnight suit…) from specific packs, but I think they will be also included.

To date, they don’t precise how it will be done and we need to wait for further informations.

Finally, because H1 and H2 weren’t released on PS5, it will be odd that transfer won’t be possible on H3. They will find a tweak to transfer your progress on PS4 to PS5…

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Thanks for the reply. I meant specifically an additional bonus unlock for owning that version of the game over and above the standard online one, so a new perk and not an existing one.

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You’re welcome. Apparently, the stream yesterday was poor in terms of actual new informations. They mostly repeated what we already know from the different things (trailer, IO website…).

They mentionned that we need to wait to get further informations.To date, we get almost no new informations about H3. So, we currently don’t know if a new bonus or perk will be available…

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