EGS Hitman(2016) can't change Directx version

I’ve heard long ago that Nvidia doesn’t go well with this game and if the fps you’re getting isn’t what you expect you should change to Directx 11, but I can’t find the option to do so since there isn’t a launcher showing up in the egs version unlike in steam and there isn’t any in-game settings to change directx versions. Did the devs just remove the option for the egs version? Or are they planning to implement the launcher like in the steam version in the future?

Yes. DX12 is not available in the egs version.

We don’t know. I hope. Because for the moment it’s an additional argument to choose the Steam version.

In my opinion, they chose the most straightforward option (a unique dx11 .exe for the compatibility), because EGS uses a different way from Steam to launch the game and input the player’s IDs into the game.

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Right now there are a lot of arguments to get the Steam version, the save option is failing, the graphics options don’t work as good, DX12 is removed. I don’t know if this will be fixed but this EGS version has a lot of issues.


I’m surprised more people are not talking about this. I have a 2060 super and Turing cards have better DX12 performance. I wish to play in DX12 but there’s no option to do so. Low gpu usage and significantly lower fps playing in DX11 for me. I hope they acknowledge this and get it sorted soon!