Electrocuting Dawood Rangan?

According to the guide for “Mumbai Blackout”, here, all I need to do to electrocute Dawood Rangan is to distract one or two guards and then lure him into his bathroom and use a car battery on the overflowing sink. Seems simple.

I could not get him to come into the bathroom. Everytime I tried, someone else would investigate the leak. Once I’d “removed” all of those people, he simply stood there looking puzzled and then wandered off. He even came into the bathroom at one point, gawped at both overflowing sinks for a bit, and then just went back to his normal route.

So I gave up on that approach and tried to electrocute him with the water cooler upstairs, near the guards watching the cricket. Again, his VIP behaviour resulted in some poor bodyguard getting electrocuted. Finally, after “removing” all of the guards on that floor (to the bottom of the lift shaft), he finally walked through the electrified puddle.

Is his VIP behaviour bugged? Or am I just being extremely ham-fisted?

The way I did it was with the water cooler when he talks about sports betting to the guards. You expose the wire before he arrivés, and puncture the water cooler as he is talking with those two guards. At this point, normally he’s the one that’s closest by and he will be the one checking it out, getting zapped in the process.

Yeah, I tried that a couple of times, but one of the bodyguards always got there first. Maybe I got the timing slightly off.

After the update you can’t do this anymore, I eletructed him after he interrogated the mole, there’s a water gallon you can puncturate in his way donwstairs.

Problem is there’s a bug that the kill won’t count if you load a save