Elephants Never Forget Achievement Not Unlocking (Xbox One)


Hello fellow assassins…

I recently completed the “I will cry if I want to” challenge but the connected achievement Elephants Never Forget Achievement never popped…

I tried:

  1. Dying
  2. Restarting
  3. Completed the mission (killed both and exited)
  4. Completed an escalation in the level
  5. Visited the achievements page on Xbox Web Page to force it to pop?
  6. Shot the poor elephants all over again…

Unfortunately i don’t have a save before the unlock of the challenge, so i cannot complete it again to trigger it… Any ideas? My last achievement for 100% :confused:

Elephants Never Forget achievement not popping? (Xbox one)
Bug Report Thread

Did you do it for the story mission? Or was it just some user created contract?


This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of a trophy being broken. If it doesn’t pop up by doing it again… I don’t know if IOI will be able to solve it. Maybe contacting Microsoft instead? That’s my best guess…


Have you checked out TrueAchievements?

Maka91’s video are as good as they get when it comes to achievement guides and it’s embedded in the first solution on that page.

A few things to keep in mind. I seem to recall that the exact location of the elephants are random; they’ll be roughly in the same place though. Make sure you hear the noise each time you shoot an elephant. There are 18 in total, so keep a track, because there is no way to know otherwise. Also, don’t forget to push the left thumbstick to toggle your aim from right to left. This is invaluable when you’re trying to take a shot and not be seen.

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Yes, it was a normal story mission no contract.

Sadly i’m not alone… I was searching for a “solution” and i found other people with the same problem. I thought opening a ticket on xbox live but… i’m pretty sure they will just waste my time… I also saw some posts about the same bug on PS4…

Yep… i completed the challenge and hence the achievement but no pop. I’m coming from there :wink:

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That’s annoying!

Obviously the challenge will only unlock once, so it’s possible that the challenge unlocked incorrectly and you hadn’t actually shot all the elephants. If you want to be 100% sure that you have completed the challenge then it happens when you go outside. That is why the solutions on TrueAchievements say go to the atrium roof, because it is the nearest route to being outside. However, they’re missing the associated Easter egg. After you’ve shot all 18 elephants, go outside the main entrance/exit and look at the two giant elephant statues. If you have successfully completed the challenge then they should be crying tears of blood; if they’re not then you’ve not shot all the elephants. Also, remember that the achievement on Xbox (unlike PS4) only unlocks when you complete the mission or die after completing the challenge; I’d do a save before deliberately dying, just in case!

Of course, if the game is programmed so that achievement is tied to the challenge unlocking and that has already unlocked then doing it again won’t help. However, it’s worth a try.

I remember the achievement for level 20 mastery in Paris (City of Light?) didn’t unlock for me. The problem is always with the Xbox Live servers. It took nearly two months, but it did unlock in the end. I think I was at the point of just finishing the last achievement in Sapienza (level 5 escalation) and it just magically unlocked. The biggest insult is that I seem to recall the achievement said the date it unlocked was the date I should have earned it, hiding any evidence of the two months of frustration I had waiting for it to unlock.

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I’m pretty sure that the challenge was completed the correct way, because it was completed once i was on the terrace over the elephants. I cannot confirm the blood on the eyes because i never got down after that. I already died to force it pop but never happened. I also did various other things to “help” it pop ending up completing more challenges and all achievements. I hope it will pop eventually. I’ll open a ticket on Xbox just for the fun :slight_smile:

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If you’re referring to the Xbox forums then good luck with that! [rant]There are some really decent and knowledgeable people there, but MS also appoint some real clowns as “ambassadors”. And then there’s the “wannabe ambassadors”. Fortunately MS are sensible enough to never appoint them, but they never give up trying to get noticed. To be honest I think the preview program featured the worst breed and was one of the main reasons I left the program. I faithfully tested and reported almost every new feature and spent time reporting it at the forum: the good, the bad, and the ugly, only to be constantly told by cretins, with any fault I reported, that it was not a bug, it was a feature. Forced updates, so that any game you’re currently playing exits was something we should be grateful for, apparently?! This way it ensures that our console is constantly up-to-date. Anything remotely critical I mentioned would bring out the most non-constructive “fanboyism”.[/rant] (I feel better after that! :wink:)

If you have the patience then it’s definitely worth re-doing the challenge. The elephants eyes will bleed every time you complete it, even if the challenge has unlocked. You never know, it might work.

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I did a few times again (4-5). Only once i checked the elephants no bloody tears… Strange…

Also i was talking about the support chat but as expected:

Thank you for patiently waiting, here’s what we’re going to do. First we will do some troubleshooting on the Xbox console and if we exhaust all of the steps that we have I suggest the you have to contact the game developer for them to fix it since it is a in-game issue. Do you want to proceed with the troubleshooting steps?

The Steps:

  1. Settings >> All Settings >> Account >> Remove Account >> Select your gamertag and confirm the deletion.

  2. After that, let’s restart the console manually from the Home Screen >> Scroll to the left >> Settings >> Restart Console.

  3. So once the console is turned back on, let’s simply download and sign in your profile back by scrolling to the left and selecting “add and manage”.

If you’re still having the same issue after those steps please proceed with the steps below.

  1. Hold the Xbox logo for 10 seconds then unplug all the cords and wait for 2 minutes after that kindly plug back the cords and start up the console.

  2. Delete and re-download the game


Yeah, I did all those things they suggest several times. It hardly ever seems to work for anyone, but they like to get you to do something as it means they can tick a box saying they have advised the customer how to fix the problem. It’s always something that will take a long time too, so you feel obliged to thank them and say that you’ll go off now and try it. I always like to freak them out and say, “Hey, stay there and I’ll do it right now.” They don’t expect that and usually respond with something like, “Oh, it might take some time and I’ll need to help other customers, but if it doesn’t work then feel free to get back to us.” To which I usually respond, “Here’s an idea then. Tell me all the other possible solutions and I’ll make a note of them to save you and your team time if your first, second, third, … solution doesn’t work.” It turns out they don’t have any other solutions.

I’m ranting again. Can’t you tell I’ve been there so often before?!

To be honest, I suspect it’s an Xbox Live servers issue. At one point, when it happened to me, I was able to discover that there was a major Xbox server outage on the day my achievement didn’t unlock and thousands of people were affected. If that’s the issue then nothing you do at your end will first it. You just need to be patient.

I know you’ve already done it a few times. However, on the off-chance it is to do with the challenge not properly unlocking then I’ve just created a brand new account on the Xbox, completed the challenge, and the achievement unlocked. I also re-did the challenge a couple of times and the associated Easter Egg worked every time, so if you’re not seeing the tears of blood and hearing the elephants roaring then you definitely haven’t shot all 18 elephants. Here’s a video I made to show you how I did it. You could probably start as a security guard if you’ve unlocked the start location, but, as I said, this is a brand new account, so I had to start at the default location.

There is extra information found in the notes below the video which may help.


Hi all!
Sorry for being so late to the party.

I had exactly the same issue as OP, but on PS4 system, and I manage to fix the issue this way:

  • I deleted ALL my saves, including the TWO profile saves on my PS4 system. Obviously I made a back up but that wasn’t necessary as the game stores everything online
  • I restarted the game, let it sync, and straight away started the Club 27 mission.
  • I used the opportunity to lead Morgan to his suit and clear out the room. TBH in really quickly turned into a bloodbath.
    I shot the 18 golden elephants statues.
  • Went on a rampage on the other side of the building, passing THROUGH the rooftop on the second floor. When I was massacring people on the second floor of the building where the recording is taking place, the trophy just unlocked when I was in one of the crew suite (the one with the bald bodyguard going in and out)

Hope this help, even though you are on XBOX and I don’t know how this system works, you might be able to recreate the same conditions.
When you delete your save it doesn’t change anything as the game really saves your progress online, but if the tutorial stuff pops again you might be able to force the game to give you the trophy.
Good luck


I tried deleting the saves and letting the game sync again but it didn’t work. It was before posting my first comment here so maybe i should try that again and play for a while instead of exiting right away.


I’d recommend changing this thread’s category to Hitman Technical Support.


I’m currently having trouble with this too, on the PS4 platform.


Hi All

Has anybody managed to get this to unlock several months later, could of sworn I did this back in October 2016, I’ve finally started playing Hitman again and have done the challenge but still not got the achievement. Can anybody offer any help regarding this, really is so frustrating for a achievement hunter. Have tried several times killing myself and completing the mission.

Please can anybody offer any ideas?

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Hello all,
I am frustrated just like the rest of you. I have played the game for 60+ hours and this is the last achievement that I need for 100%. I have tried all the fixes: deleted and reloaded game, signed out of Xbox, unplugged and resigned back in, shot all the elephants and checked for bloody eyes, and still no achievement. I wish they could create something that a user could force whatever controls the achievements to look and force an achievement to pop if all requirements are met. Hopefully they put out an update and fix this glitch

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Still haven’t got this.

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Yeah it really is a shame. Have the same problem. TrueAchivements already marked the game with two Partly Discontinued/Unobtainable achievements, so everyone going for 100% completion will likely avoid it.

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