Elephants never forget


So basically on the 11th January I done the challenge for shooting the 18 Gold elephants, I died afterwards though Makas guide on true achievements said it didn’t matter it would pop regardless. So I’ve done the level about 50+ times each time shooting the elephants and nothing at the end pops up, the challenge is completed but not the achievement. Someone help! I’ve tried everything!.. UPDATE: TRIED IT AGAIN AND THE SAME SHIT IO HELP NOT RESPONDING


Have you gone to the front entrance of the hotel, where you can see the two giant elephants crying blood tears, after you shot all elephant statue?

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Uhm… Yes I have I have shot them too, looked at them, waited on the ivory poacher to talk to them, deleted my save game, tried everything, made a guest account and it popped on that one it’s so frustrating


Then I have no idea why the achievement is locked away from you. It sounds like you have done nothing wrong. This one is kind of similar to the location mastery level 20 achievement/trophy bug.

@Travis_IOI may be able to help you.


I’ll try him! The achievements such a pain in the ass just it’s angering me everytime I try it lol


Btw I’m assuming this is a twitter name?


Almost right. the name is IO_Travis on Twitter:


Yellow_ZR1 explained it but for future reference, if you put a ‘@’ before someone’s name on this forum, it notifies them they’ve been mentioned.


What ivory poacher? I don’t remember him in Bangkok


He should be in a red shirt and white hat, and he’ll be standing in front of one of the statues, crying and saying how he’ll never hunt elephants again (or something like that).


Didn’t see the poacher or any videos regarding one , maybe because I was compromised or ? Would have been a cool finish !


Forget about the poacher he’s irrelevant! Do you have any answers??