Elimination Game HITMAN 2016 (PC Version)


When does it starts?
How much contracts to play?
How long will it last?


Good qestions, thank you @Epic47Sides

  1. It will last based on how many people join.

  2. There will be the number of contracts based on the (again) number of people that has joined but I think it will take around 6 contracts.

  3. It will start after the joining period ends in 3.5.2018!

Thank you for your qestions, if you want to join - do not hesitate to please! :wink:


So each round is 6 contracts right?


Yep, one contract for each map!

EDIT: They will rank randomly from easiest-hardest.


Why not?
I’m in :slight_smile:


Thank you so much or your questions, and of course for your joining!


Enjoy the game, and have fun!

Players Joined: @Bending_Cheese67, @bjojo, @Epic47Sides!

(Also I love your little gif)

Elimination Game (Xbox One)

I’m in


THANK YOU so much for joining. I hope you enjoy the Elimiantion Game.

Best of Luck! :grin:

Players Joined: @BendingCheese67, @bjojo @Epic47Sides, @TNT22!


I’m in.

20 characters.


Thank you too again, I am just so hsppy to see many players interested in these kinds of ideas!

Good luck in the Elimination Game! :grinning:

Players Joined: @Bending_Cheese67, @bjojo, @Epic47Sides, @TNT22, @Markie!

P.S. The first contract is going to be posted on 5.march.2018 after the joining period is over. We are going to have the same amount of missions - one in the noumber of players for example if we have 7 plaayers we will have 6 missions (Because someone needs to win ofc.)

I am very grateful for everyone that has joined in this thread already, thank you all very much! :confetti_ball:


How are you gonna keep track of this?


I am weird, and I am just going to trust your word when you say you have done it in 3 tries (I know anyone could lie, but I think that the HMF community is very fair and would not lie), not only that but the leaderboards score changes, so if someones score changes more than 3 times they are cassed out and immediately eliminated.

Otherwise we shall play fairly and trust eachother! :expressionless:


What if players don’t exit? They’ll just practice without exiting until their run is optimized. Seems to me too much work for the moderator.
How about a timed tournament like post your run within 1 hour? No one will be able to cheat.


A live tournament would be great but it comes with cons since many variants of live streaming, and live videoing are highly illegal here in Germany, so I could not watch nor have any proof (Even watching streams is illegal here).

Also if they are cassed out they should not come tho that proves your point wrong. But Posting videos through yotube sounds very good!


With timed tournament you won’t have to moderate anything. People will post the screenshots of their score here within 1 hour and video later. And those who want to stream can do that.


Do you drink yourself or do you drink someone else? :joy::joy: Juts joking…


Well it could work, but I want to make it more simplified…The a new rule is added - you will need to post a screenshot of your score 3 times, and if we see your score changing on the leaderboard anytime after that you are cassed out! That would be fun and simple thank you for te idea @C2H6O!

(You can also of course stream this elimination game/post a video abut it if you want to!)

Again thanks for the ideas @C2H6O it really helps this thread and we added 2 additional rules.

(And since I am just a little naughty, do you want to join the elimination game?Sorry if you do not want to.)




If you wish to, I won’t hesitate to let you in.

Thank you for joining the Elimination game my friend!

Best of Luck! :grinning:

Players Joined: @Bending_Cheese67, @bjojo, @Epic47Sides, @TNT22, @Markie, @C2H6O!

EDIT: Tommorow at around 15.00 - 18.00 (I will alarm you all) new contract is getting uploaded, if we have the same amount of players as we have now we are going to have 5 elimination contracts!
The story is going to evolve around a Chilean Human Trafficking Cartel.
More information tomorrow.
If you can still join today or tomorrow before 14.00 it will be greatly appreciated.
As always, I am very grateful for @Zevoros for the original thread, and for everyone that has joined! Tommorow it begins!
Peace out! :wink:


You guys are starting already? That was quick! Guess I’ll need to up my game. (No I’m not, haha)