Elimination Game HITMAN 2016 (PC Version)


Do you drink yourself or do you drink someone else? :joy::joy: Juts joking…


Well it could work, but I want to make it more simplified…The a new rule is added - you will need to post a screenshot of your score 3 times, and if we see your score changing on the leaderboard anytime after that you are cassed out! That would be fun and simple thank you for te idea @C2H6O!

(You can also of course stream this elimination game/post a video abut it if you want to!)

Again thanks for the ideas @C2H6O it really helps this thread and we added 2 additional rules.

(And since I am just a little naughty, do you want to join the elimination game?Sorry if you do not want to.)




If you wish to, I won’t hesitate to let you in.

Thank you for joining the Elimination game my friend!

Best of Luck! :grinning:

Players Joined: @Bending_Cheese67, @bjojo, @Epic47Sides, @TNT22, @Markie, @C2H6O!

EDIT: Tommorow at around 15.00 - 18.00 (I will alarm you all) new contract is getting uploaded, if we have the same amount of players as we have now we are going to have 5 elimination contracts!
The story is going to evolve around a Chilean Human Trafficking Cartel.
More information tomorrow.
If you can still join today or tomorrow before 14.00 it will be greatly appreciated.
As always, I am very grateful for @Zevoros for the original thread, and for everyone that has joined! Tommorow it begins!
Peace out! :wink:


You guys are starting already? That was quick! Guess I’ll need to up my game. (No I’m not, haha)


How long do we have to complete a contracts. I am from Europe so if you use the American time (i.e.) it will be totally different from my time.


I am from Europe too, they (the contracts) will be set at around 15.00 - 18.00 european timezone which means that I am preety sure is around 3.00 - 6.00 american tmezone.
You will need to complete a contract in 2 days till the next one comes so for example if the contract is tomorrow on monday, you will need to complete it till 15.00 on wednesday! :wink:


Bruh you said few days before start and six contracts!!

Please stick to this so we have time to prepare, and enough time to have at least 10 players!!


The game is based around the number of players joined so if there are 6 players we have 5 contracts, while if we would have 7 players we would have 6 contracts and so on and so forth. Sorry.

Otherwise we will need to wait for one last player.

EDIT: Congratulations on becoming a regular @Epic47Sides! Make sure to join us in the lounge, and thank you for stayng an essential part of our community! :grinning:

EDITnr.2: This is the LAST chance to join people, until a contract gets uploaded, so if you want to join, please do not hesitate too! :grinning:


IT IS FINALLY HERE! 1/5 contract for the PC elimination Game! I hope you are all ready for…The Elimination Game!

Here are the details:

Contract ID: 1-09-8044181-66

Contract Name: Elimination Game 1 - The Former Soldiers

Steam Account created on: rusklemen (My man’s account)

Location: Colorado

Targets: ‘‘El Josef’’ Lloyd Burgess & ‘‘El Espiritu’’ Cary Dunson

Story/Briefing in a nutshell: Basically the ICA has found a new Latin gang operating in northern Chile called ‘‘Santa Katarina’’ which you must eliminate like a pyramid, piece by piece - from the bottom up by eliminating different bosses and buchons of Santa Katarina.
The first two targets are former high-ranking soldiers that are going to get hired again, and if they get, Santa Katarina is going to get more & more dangerous! More explained in the Briefing.

Contract time of completion: 48 hours from 5.3.2018 - 7.3.2018 when a new 2nd contracts gets dropped off. (European timezone)

Points: (Points are a skill based currency in this Elimination game where the more points you get, the higher level you are, and can get to brag until you het level 100. Each level represents 100 points from you).

  • 25 (Not get Eliminated)
  • 50 (Get into the top three)
  • 100 (Be the top of the leaderboards)

(This is also the absolute easiest contract, since they will rank in difficulty)!

The person on the bottom of the leaderboards, or a cheater will get eliminated and can only jon next round.
You can also stream the contracts/make videos about them. It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for joining! @Bending_Cheese67, @bjojo, @Epic47Sides, @TNT22, @Markie, @C2H6O! :wink::grin::grinning::sweat_smile::confetti_ball:

Let the Elimination Games BEGIN!


Can we still play even if we are not competing :joy::joy:


You can just tell me your steam name, and I will exclude you from the leaderboards of those in the Elimination Game and not give you competition! :wink:

(Psst…or if you wanna you can still join there is more than enough room for anybody, and the joining period theoratically ends in 7th march, but you know…your choice!)

EDIT: @WatIsLove Also welcome to the forums, you are new here, I am your favourite host @ObiBobi18 Enjoy your stay on HMF!


Thank you for the offer and warm welcome :smiley: I would gladly compete if the registration period is still on. However, I will be without internet access from 24th March until 3rd April so I don’t know what’d happen if the game goes on until then.

Btw my steam name is W a t I s L o v e . . . ¿. I can also post the link to my profile if needed.


Thank you sooo much for joining, I truly love it!

Good Luck in the Elimination Game and thank you for your steam username too! :wink::woman:t2:

Message: Now there wiill be 6 full missions because this loving person joined the game & the forums!

Players Joined: @Bending_Cheese67, @bjojo, @Epic47Sides, @TNT22, @Markie, @C2H6O, @WatIsLove

I love you all, I hope you get good luck and enjoy the missions!

P.S. The game will go on for twelve days until 17.march which means no it is ok your wifi is great!


Please don’t add insta-fail stuff, I already lost my 3 tries with the “no bodies found” thing.


Oh god sorry, you are right I should have put it as optional! Sorry again I thought I had everything optional.

We can do a 2 things work this out tho so it will be best and fair for you. :wink:

  1. Recreate the contract again with everything being optional!

  2. Let you and everyone that fails re-try till you win and post 3 screenshot as proof of 3 tries.

Choose which one you would like the best please!


I prefer this one, the tries when you fail don’t count as tries.


Perfect, thank you so much for joining the game, and playing the contract!


NP, I did it 2nd try this time:
First I failed, so didn’t count
Second, I realised the place I was had no exit so restarted
the next try I got the run


DAMM, preety good score!