Elimination Game HITMAN 2016 (PC Version)


I have it recorded, will upload later.


Thats the way (ahah ahah), I like it

Throwing in a Berg meme

On my 2nd try
1st try was scouting out


Good job, and congratulations on staying on top of the leaderboard along with @Bending_Cheese67 @bjojo!

Thank you for playing!

Players who completed the contract: @Bending_Cheese67, @bjojo


Congrats to both. I haven’t checked it out but will do later. Btw are we also supposed to record our fail attempts if we get any out of 3 tries?


No, no it is ok only screenshot the 3 victories!


I completed it 3 times. In the first attempt i did it in 1.19, 2nd attempt failed and 3rd attempt was 1.01 as attached below. Which of my attempts will count then?


Still had one try left, didn’t I? huehue
My run: https://youtu.be/XZbaG1zuWdg


@WatIsLove congratulations, and your best try always counts so it is 201, 797!

As for @Bending_Cheese67 OMG you are great!

Now we just need @Markie, @Epic47Sides, @C2H6O & @TNT22 to finish the contract!

EDIT: Also @WatIsLove you can definitely try again, since you failed one. Just a post one last picture as proof and maybe you could even a better score!


Spent a last try and got just 55 s.


I’m on it. Sending screenshots when done. Good luck to all :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! Good Luck!


Stop thanking me bruh!! You made that challenge :slight_smile:


Why shall I not stop thanking you?


can I join? I’m new here ign: blackmesa


Most definitely, and I saw your attempt, very good!

Players Joined: @Bending_Cheese67, @bjojo, @Epic47Sides, @TNT22, @Markie, @C2H6O, @WatIsLove, @olidog2

EDIT: We are going to have 1 extra mission because of oli’s joining so it is 7 misssions!


done! 56 seconds? 2nd place?



Now everyone with all due respect I am tired and I need to go to sleepy-sleep so tomorrow at 14.00 (Europe timezone) I am coming back!


what country do u live in?


Deutchland ‘‘Germany’’ in an apartment with my man, and my kitty-cats! (Although Slovenia is my city (I was born in it))


oh ok! lol just wondering. am in uk