Elimination Game HITMAN 2016 (PC Version)


Coolioh, coolioh. (dont you just hate the fuckin 20 chars thing?)

EDIT: I have just noticed that you are new to this forum, welcome - I am your favourite host madame ObiBobi


ah yes. totally!!!


There is a thing if you write to little you will get a pop up message saying that your text is to small, you need 20 charaacters.


I always do this:

This text will be blurred

If I don’t have enough chars. I am from the Netherlands by the way.


Ok here it is:


First attempt:

Second attempt:

Third (and final) attempt:

Cya on next target :wink:


Very good, thank you all for doing these contracts very quickly!

EDIT: I have a question…who is has ‘‘merry man’’ steam account name? otherwise it is just a random person lol!


I have a question. Coming weekend I am gone from 17.00 till about 19.30 Eu time. Can I still compete in one of those contracts in that time, otherwise I am eliminated immediately which sucks.


Three attempts, one fuck up, two successful ones. FIRST PLACE BOIII


I did it! Strangled the two, dumped them outside the window and hid them in a crate before speeding away. 7th place.


@bjojo You can, ofc play the contract, just put screenshots the time you come back! :grinning: Incredibly good work @TNT22 / @Markie too well done for placing in the leaderboards and playing my contracts! Thanks!

EDIT: @Bending_Cheese67 glorius run - saw it on your channel!

EDITnr2: I hae just noticed we only need @C2H6O to play the contract!

(Also @Markie what is your steam account username?)


I won’t be able to play. You guys carry on.


Ok then, thank you. :wink:

Now we are going to have only 6 contracts unless more people join in!

EDIT: Or you can also play afterwards after you are absent and post screensshots if you want to @C2H6O ?


Today a new great contract to destroy the Santa Katarina cartel is coming out!
It will be in The Jewel of the Amalfi coast, in Sapienza!
It is coming at around 15.00, which means that today, is your last chance to post screenshots and better scores of your amating tries along with the actual joining period, so if you want to join please also do the contract!
Thank you all who streamed/recorded your playthourghs on varius websites.
AND today is also the day when we are going to elect the worst competitor down on the last place of the leaderboards, and ELIMINATE him/her outta the competition.


Is it possible to get 3th, 2nd and 1st place or is there only 1 winner?


You will get different places, & points so yeah!

EDIT: 1 hour and 30 minutes remaining till the first level of the elimination game is officialy over & the joining period aswell!


Here are the Details:

Contract ID: 1-03-3437078-66

Contract name: Elimination Game 2 - The Torturers

(I dont think its prominent to tell the Steam again)

Location: Sapienza, Italy

Targets: ‘‘Santa Rosa’’ Silvia Masullo & ‘‘El Santos’’ Francesco Vivaldi

Story/Briefing in a nutshell: After the elimination of the former soldiers you can start to focus on Santa Katarina’s main pillars and eliminate the main structures of operation piece by piece.
The first pillar you will be taking down is torture, whose leader Santa Rosa and her 2nd in command El Santos are both in the beautiful seaside town of Sapienza.
You must eliminate both targets silently, and make our client’s wish of eliminating Santa Rosa true, with his weapon of choice. More explained in the briefing.
This is the first major pillar you will be taking down of Santa Katarina, and also the 2nd easiest contract outta the six.

Contract Time of completion: 48 hours from 7.3.2018 - 9.3.2018 until a new 3rd contract gets dropped of in Morroco!
(Eu timezone)

Points: (for completing this contract)

  • 50 (not get eliminated)
  • 100 (Get into top three & 3rd place)
  • 150 (2nd place)
  • 200 (1st place/be the top of the leaderboards)

People currently eliminated:

  • @Markie (Sorry but this is the worst sspot on the leadeerboards. Thank you for playing with us and you can join next round! :grin: )
  • @C2H6O (Said he could not participate. Thank you for playing with us and you can join next round ofc. :wink: )

Points Distributed & players currently in game:

@TNT22 - 175 (Not get Eliminated, Get into top three, Be the top of the leaderboards!)

@Bending_Cheese67 - 100 (Not get eliminated, Get into top three, 25 youtube point bonus!)

@olidog2 - 75 (Not get eliminated, get into the top three)

@bjojo - 25 (Not get eliminated)

@Epic47Sides - 25 (Not get eliminated)

@WatIsLove - 25 (Not get eliminated)

Thank you all so much for joining and playing the contract and make sure to try yourr best and do the great 3 tries! (Psst, if you want to up your points by 25 each contract make sure to stream/video the round, but dont tell the game bosses i told you huehuehue…)

Take care off yourselves! Bye. :grinning::wink:


Well, screwed up this one hard, getting one body found half second before exiting type of screwup lol


Lol, but it is ok, you have got a very good score. Well done!


Here ya go!

Napolion Blownapparte + Coin Fetch


Well done & very good!

EDIT: I just wanted to let you all know that I made this mission just to eff around and not give you a silent assassin lol…BUT YOU DID IT! Congratulations master! :wink: