Elimination Game HITMAN 2016 (PC Version)


Well it worked :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

But, what’s the point of making a competition with points if we can’t reach the silent assassin rating which gives the most points?

That was an ankward contract…i’ve spent HOURS desperately retrying and trying to figure out how to move that girl from her spot. Well, she randomly moves sometimes, and it depends on nothing (or at least i didn’t found the trigger) :open_mouth:

Anyway, EVEN after managing to make her move we can’t subdue anyone, or take any disguise, which makes the challenge even harder.

No subduing, no disguises, and a target that barely moves and is almost impossible to kill without being spotted. For a second contract, it’s pretty damn hard :open_mouth:

In few words, unless using coin tricks, it is almost impossible for a “normal” player to achieve this without being spotted, which is not my kind of challenge.

So i’m actually giving up on this one, sorry.

Good luck to all remaining players!!


It sucks you weren’t able to find out a solution, and I had the same problem with a featured contract a few weeks ago. However, I started practicing the fetch-trick, and it will always be useful; in main missions, Elusive Targets, and also these kind of “The-NPC-Doesn’t-Move contracts”.

So my advise is to try and pick up some of these techniques. (Don’t get mad at me trying to help you okay, it’s help!)



So I listened to the client and Diana…
I get your point, but just wanted to justify my SA/SO


Ok, it was incredibly difficult for a 2nd contract, and I agree I am very sorry! :sweat_smile:

I wanted to minimize the SA rating to make the contract seem like a challenge, and to be ready for following contracts, which would be even more diffcult. (You get what I am tring to say and tht is the point of this competition - to make it harder for the contestans lol). So the point actually was…to make it difficult af! But it was definitely way too difficult!

Sorry, for the hard contract BUUUT you al managed to do WAY better than my expectations so all deserve a congratulations! :confetti_ball::pray:

(P.S. I never said the contracts will be easy since this is the ELIMINATION GAME!)

EDIT: So I have decided that the next contract will revolve only around one target, that would be a bit ‘‘easier’’ to handle than Santa Rosa (I think), BUT it would still have a sense of sweet interesting difficulty, to make you feel good after you (possibly) finish it SA.

Only @WatIsLove, @TNT22 & @olidog2 shall complete contract and then its all good!


It’s ok about having a hard challenge, just make it doable with normal methods or at least achievable with silent assassin rating without too much complications…


Thanks for creating. Thought I didn’t expect this difficulty level from 2nd mission :stuck_out_tongue: Not my cup of contracts but here are my best results from my 3 attempts.



Could get SA, but i missed a headshot and a target spotted his own death


Today, I will go on a tiny holiday somewhere so no contract today, and the elimination game is going to be prolonged!

Thank you all for playing and sharing advices, and only @olidog2 remains!



played it I did so bad lol


Since I came from the day out early, I was also energetic, so I decided to create this contract EARLY, since I took a day off, so this one is WAAY easieer than the last one, BUT it will still be a challenge to complete silently under the time limit. (Also feel free to test out the contract however you like, the tries where you fail shall not count, only post screenshot of the three you did not fail please :wink:)!

The Details:

Contract ID: 1-06-5575696-66

Contract Name: Elimination Game 3 - The Human Trafficer

Location: Marrakech, Morroco

Targets: ‘‘Madre Bella Santera’’ Asma Turay

Story/Briefing in a nutshell: Your next target in the Santa Katarina Cartel is Madre Bella Santera, which is the head gang leader of the main cartel’s pillar - Human trafficking.
In the contract, you must eliminate Madre Bella Santera without a trace, and under the required complication of a 2 minute time limit. More explained in the Briefing.
This contract is easier than the last one, but it is also difficult because of the ime liit so it is just the right balance for a mediocre 3rd contract outta the 6! :grin:

Contract time of Completion: 48 hours from 10.3. - 12.3.2018 until a new 4th contract gets published in Paris!
(Eu timezone)

Points: (For completing this contract)

  • 100 (Not get eliminated)
  • 200 (Get into top three & 3rd place)
  • 300 (2nd place)
  • 400 (1st place/be the top of the leaderboards)
  • 25 (Sexy youtube/stream bonus)

People currently eliminated:

  • @Epic47Sides I am so sorry, for eliminating you but congrats for making it this far, and thank you SOOO MUCH again for playing the contract. Here is a virtual cookie for everyone who loses! :cookie: You may join next round. 25 full points.

Points distributed and people currently in Game:

@bjojo - 350 (Not get eliminated, Get into top three, Be the top of the leaderboards) 375 full points

@Bending_Cheese67 - 325 (Not get eliminated, Get into top three, 2nd place, Sexy youtube bonus) 425 full points

@TNT22 - 150 (Not get Eliminated, Get into top three & 3rd place) 325 full points

@WatIsLove - 50 (Not get Eliminated) 75 full points

@olidog2 - 50 (Not get eliminated) 125 full points

Thank you all SOOO much for joining the game and playing the contracts, make sure to do great!

Bye! :heart:


So I can play on 19.30 tomorrow. What a relief. And I am in 2nd place? Didn’t expect that!



Actually outta everybody in the game you are FIRST place, so congratulaions even more lol!


Maybe a special contract for the celebration of 2 years Hitman on the 13th of March?


Good idea…hmmm…what about you create a contract and privately message it to me so I would iinclude it into elimination game to prove that we can work as a full community on the 2nd anyversarry?


Good idea. I am the kind of Mini-story contract creator so I can get a good contract up. Without special tricks of course… I was thinking Paris maybe, Hokkaido?


If you want to make whatever you want (But I would prefer on paris huehue since the original elimination game contract on paris was going to be a dull re-skin so yeah sure!) :wink:


I will be home tomorrow. First I will complete this contract, then I will make a lovely contract. Do I have to name it: “elimination game - 4”?


No no it is ok, your lovely cotract will just be a part of the series, so no thank you, create your own favourite lovely name please! (Except if yyou want to huehuehue)


Okay. I will remark it in the name though. I will think of one when I made it (o think of the name while I make the contract, so it will fit better) I am not going to make it too difficult but I will include some complications (I am no fan of time limits so fck this contracts :wink:).


Thank you so much!

20 thankful characters