Elimination Game HITMAN 2016 (PC Version)


What means next round? Next mission?
Next competition (after all 7 contracts finished)?

Good luck to all remaining players :slight_smile:


Yes, exactly next round is the new competition! :grinning:


Btw. Are you going to use my contract directly or are you going to remake it so you can check the scores?


I will use your contract directly as the 4th contract of the Elimination Game.


Oke, this one went pretty well :slight_smile:
Attempt #1

Just a test run, to learn where the target was and stuff

Attempt #2

First actual speedrun - worth mentioning this was Suit Only

Attempt #3

I misjudged the range of the Propane Tanks and killed the guy standing next to her too…
So Attempt #2 is oficially my speedrun of this, video coming soon


Also, can I make “Elimination Game 5”?


Most definitely, just privately message me, and congratulations on your speedruns!


I completed it as well. Somehow I was getting noticed kills for no f* reason and it was really annoying. In my 3rd best attempt I decided to go much slower just to beat it with SA. Attached are the following best 3 attempts of mine:


Thank you all so much for playing the contract, and for your great scores! A person is getting eliminated tomorrow, and day after tomorrow a new contract by @bjojo is gettong published!


I am home in an hour so let’s see if I can crush the opposition :wink::thinking:


Like wtf is this

Someone stole my name


it happens all the time - it’s a glitch, your username appears on someone else’s place


And so I was making a contract just to punch someone in the face instead of FW. Hate that


that is me, check my scores above :smiley: it is a glitch as bending said


Fifth place. Good enough.


Nice, only @olidog2 lidog shall play till 15.00! And someone is getting eliminated afterwards!


I think it’s fair to say that i won this thing


YEAH, you did you are so bad

Nah jk, congratulations on your leaderboards, and recent glorius activity on the contracts!


Ya that’s because mendie, fk, gule, Cj, agent47, myself, my blind monkey, his irritating fleas, and their poop are not playing. So of course you have a chance.


Please, i’m your favorite player’s idol