Elimination Game (Xbox One)

Helllllllo Xbox players, I am your host, Zevoros, coming at you not-live for the possible only Xbox One edition of HITMAN, the elimination game!

8 to 10 contestants (Xbox One players) will reply to this message and sign up for the competition.

The date that players will be able to sign up will be between 3/1/18 to 3/5/18 ONLY.

The Rules:

  1. Every 48 hours, a new contract will be posted by yours truly, and will be given 3, at the most, tries to play the contract.

  2. The player that comes in at the bottom of the leaderboard is eliminated from the competition, simple as that

  3. Keep an eye on this thread VERY often, possibly including to the point where you click ‘Watching’.

  4. The winner will get bragging rights.

I will add any necessary rules over time, but as of now, that is it, and let’s see who joins, if anyone at all!

This is the Elimination Game!

For the PC players:



If you can find enough players to get this up and running, then by all means count me in.

Why the hell not, I’m in too :joy: be prepared to see me fail :open_hands:

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I’m interested. Sounds like fun.

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Welcome players!

Confirmed Players: @Ed_ll3 @RotaryOliver @ScroobiusJib

Forgot to mention, I updated the OP

As interesting as this is, 14 may be too ambitious.

but I’m down if enough people play

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Good point. I’ll lower it down to 10 or 8, we’ll see which one works better

Confirmed Players: @Ed_ll3 @RotaryOliver @ScroobiusJib @Spods

Count me in!
What happens when you don’t play the contract? You get eliminated right? / as well as the player with the lowest score?

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Not quite, my friend! If someone misses the contract, they’re eliminated and the lowest score gets a freebie.

Confirmed Players: @Ed_ll3 @RotaryOliver @ScroobiusJib @Spods @BetaPete


Mentioning some Xbox players to see if they’re interested. @mungadungalis @SupremeCommanderIke @ILikeGAMESish @Euler13 @DeadlyVigilance


Yeah sure I’ll give it a go :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’m hoping the premise is that they start easy and then get a little harder otherwise I’m not gonna get too far I don’t think!

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Alright. Welcome to the Elimination Game, my friend!

Confirmed Players: @Ed_ll3 @RotaryOliver @ScroobiusJib @Spods @BetaPete @ILikeGAMESish

Tagging a bit more players to see if they wanna join.

@Remedy @Bob_Burns @_jrok

Thanks for the offer but I’m not really interested in this game.

Alrighty, no problem

Let’s do this.

But first!,… I have questions.
What constitutes a “try”?
Can a player take a recon-run to see what’s what and who’s who? Or, would that be considered a “try”?

If my first try is successful do I get to use my other two trys to better my score?

Must we post a youtube as proof, or will our word be good enough? In my case, I would be doing it live on twitch.

Sounds fun. :slight_smile:


Ooh, twitch? Sounds good!

No, I’ll be checking the leaderboards very consistently, and yes, you may post a video, but your word is enough for me…yes, I’m weird, I know.

The second you load up the mission, that counts as a try. So you gotta be REALLY careful within your 3 available tries at the contract.

Well, welcome to the Elimination Game, my friend! And good luck!

Confirmed Players: @Ed_ll3 @RotaryOliver @ScroobiusJib @Spods @BetaPete @ILikeGAMESish @mungadungalis


Is it a 10 minute limit for recording on Xbox these days? That could help anyone that doesn’t have the option to stream or capture.

I’m sure there are more Xboxers who haven’t been mentioned. Is @Silverballer exclusively PS now?

Also, apologies if none of these want in, but a few more who may be worth a shout: @Doc_Rickenstien @SoNiCj1 @Aegis_Chrome @AgeingFPS @Skaven_in_box @DarkReaper076 @Forsane @Rcoolcactus @DruidJ.


Thank you for tagging me, I will sit this one out, but might be up for something in the future (even though I know I will be one of the first to be eliminated hahaha!!) :sunglasses: