Elimination Game (Xbox One)


The map is “A House Built on Sand”, and you must retrieve the documents Matthieu Mandola has on him, but somehow without harming him


Happy cake day Euler!

The documents is on the yellow turtle neck guy (Mandola) on the “A House Built on Sand” map


Oh, you may make him sick, but…well, yeah


Oh Jesus… Can we have more like rounds one and two please? :joy:

I’ll have a look at it later. :laughing:


Yeah, ok.

I’ll only be doing this once, but this time around, you have 5 shots at the contract!


Just joking my man; it’s good to have a different challenge, and I’ll try them regardless.

… but yeah, more like one and two please. :wink:


Haha, picking up the pace, aren’t we?


I like that it gets more difficult as we progress :open_hands: and especially puzzle element’s such as this! As long as it isn’t impossible :sweat_smile:


^ totally agree. But how many rounds have we got now? Five or three? I would prefer three.


I couldn’t get to it this weekend. Sorry for dropping out.
Enjoy the rest of the game, agents!


Ok, back to 3 total we go!

Edit: Sorry @mungadungalis, maybe next time, my friend


Just to be clear, you’re supposed to take the ledger from Kong after the meeting?

If that’s the case I’m on my third run and that’s no longer possible, so no restarts.


Yeah, you’re supposed to take the ledger off Kong during the meeting. If you can’t do that anymore,
just restart, I guess


I called Kong but forgot that I had to escort Mendola there myself, so after I realised my mistake I didn’t get Mendola there quick enough :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t want to ruin the spirit of the competition though so I’ll finish this run - perhaps with a large point reduction for subduing Mendola? :wink:


Ok, yeah that seems fair, my friend! Nice thinking! How about, if you succeed to the next contract, you get a thirty seconds time penalty?


Well I royally fucked this up lol

First ten minutes went smoothly, Kong was on the roof, then I realised I hadn’t escorted Mendola :sunglasses: ran back to get him but it was too late, Kong was gone and I couldn’t reuse the walkie talkie

Target 1 in the shisha cafe is a bitch, a woman became an enforcer after all the bumping so I just said fuck it and used both my breaching charges on him (the first was too far away)

To top it off I then discovered that Target 2 actually has a route and shot him in the back of the head before escaping with what seemed like 1 health point and a score of 15,888

These contracts are not my proudest moments


Oof. Wow, well…yeah, that was quite a screw up…


This might be a bit excessive, but, @ScroobiusJib, and/or (if you still want to) @Travis_IOI, if I create a second elimination game, would you guys be up to join in?


I’m definitely interested.


My plan for the contract is nearly perfect. Everything works fine, except for Maslin Grenier. I can’t find a way to lure him out of this corner. I hope the coin trick isn’t the right way, because this could take hours.