Elimination Game (Xbox One)


Finished with my first run: 68.489
Without Maslien Grenier would it be at least 120.000
Please tell me that there is a way, except for the coin trick, you don’t even have to name it. I just want to know if I’m searching for a way which doesn’t exist.


There isn’t a way I know of, it was most of a reason to be more difficult, sorry, man


Ok, thanks for the fast answer. It’s no problem at all, sadly I’m just not able to perform this trick. But that’s my problem.

Edit: Just got spotted on my second try. I refuse to try it a third time, that’s enough for today.


I really hope you do create and host another game.
This was a lot of fun, for the short time I was in it.
I think it’s very good for us Xboxers to have these events. Thank you @Zevoros for the good times.


Thanks for saving my ass @Spodey :sweat_smile:


There is about ten hours left, I don’t believe everyone has played the contract yet?


How long left to get a score on the board? @Zevoros

… and what do we have to do again? :joy:

… So boom, boom, documents, no hurt yellow jumper?

I’m going to hop on now and try it. Shout me if that isn’t the deal.


There is 6 hours left on it, and remember to find a way to get the ledger WITHOUT harming Mandola, so yeah you got it down, pretty much


That’s first try, documents + no harm to yellow jumper. I’ll try and improve it, and if not upload an edited version of this one (as the coin lure for that Grenier guy alone is a horror show).


Yep. My right hand and my table know exactly what you mean.


Yeah, he was a nightmare. :joy: @FearlessArogunz

Kind of rushed the next two attempts, which is annoying. Doesn’t pay to leave these too close to the deadline.

I’ll start uploading the first one in a minute, but it may take so long that I won’t be able to post it until tomorrow morning UK. Is that alright?


I don’t see why it wouldn’t be, take your time


I have to be honest i’ve not done this last one as i’ve had to snatch up some much needed overtime at work. Currently on a night shift and I can’t imagine i’ll be up for playing in the morning when I finish. If I sacrifice my place, so be it!


Oh, well, ok, my friend!


@Skaven_in_box, I believe you are one of the only ones to not have been able to play the contract (besides @ILikeGAMESish), thus far


How did I not fail this…


Spodey, you have been SUPER lucky!


One hour left, @Skaven_in_box


20 minutes left for the contract


Here we are! The end of the contract!

Remaining Players: @Ed_ll3 @RotaryOliver @FearlessArogunz @SupremeCommanderIke @Spodey

Eliminated: @ScroobiusJib, @mungadungalis, @Bob_Burns, @ILikeGAMESish, @Skaven_in_box