Elimination Game (Xbox One)


Title: Pick up the Pace

ID: 3-02-2687072-93

Run Time: 7:30 PM (PST) - 7:30 PM, March 15 (PST)

Remaining Players: @Ed_ll3 @RotaryOliver @FearlessArogunz @SupremeCommanderIke @Spodey


On reflection, I’m not even sure these are the right documents. :smile:

It’s been so long since I properly played HBoS, that I can’t remember if both at the meeting have retrievable items. If it’s wrong, by all means hit me up with the DQ.



Nope, you got it all right!

And happy cake day!


… and the next contract which is driving me crazy… :sweat_smile: Still on my first run, I have no idea how to lure them away. They don’t show any reaction to coins/ bumping into them. I tried to manipulate the conference… activated the fire alarm… but they wont leave the room/ stand up. I think that I’m blind.
Well, first run 5.281 :frowning:


I may have gone a bit overboard with that one, sorry about that, Fearless.

So, besides Fearless, who has played the contract now anyway?


Just thinking out loud here, but I’m struggling a bit to find the time to try these contracts within the two day deadlines.

Maybe different timezones has something to do with it? Not sure, as on paper you would think it’s more than enough of a window in which to get three attempts completed.

That said, I’ll likely hop on later this afternoon or this evening and give the new one a try.


Yeah I haven’t even turned on my xbox in the past few days, and the most fatalities have been caused by people not doing it in time, maybe an extension would be better for the next game


You guys make a good point. If you would like, the next couple rounds, the time could be changed to 72 hours?


There is a slightly better score on the board, but this was the best from the first three:

That was on the third attempt.


Despite it being a partial fail, I still think it to be very impressive!


Cheers! I don’t think Ike has posted, but our scores are almost identical. It’s just so difficult to get SA in three on a contract like this. Needs a bit of grind, and RNGinho to work his magic.

Talking of RNGinho, I gave it a few more tries since the previous post.



Tried again on a different account, or…?


Yes I have done it. Sorry I have been busy today as I am with Family celebrating my birthday.


Yeah same thing here. It definitely comes down to luck.


Wait, what? Happy Birthday! @SupremeCommanderIke :ice_cream::birthday::champagne:

@Zevoros - Same account. I’ve only got one with all the unlocks available. Got some FIFA stuff uploading, which is taking forever, but I’ll upload the three attempts and SA when it’s done.


Remaining Players @Ed_ll3 @RotaryOliver @FearlessArogunz @SupremeCommanderIke @Spodey

Yup! @RotaryOliver and @Spodey you two are still in it, because this was a non-elimination! You’re welcome! Consider yourselves lucky (I’m just kidding).

Before we start the next contract, I’ll give you final 5 a quick breather. The next contract will be up either tomorrow or March 17


I left this whole as it was uploading overnight anyway:

And here’s the 1:38:


Just to confirm it, do you guys prefer the next, what, four contracts to have a 72 hour time limit?


Yeah it’s fine by me :open_hands: Between work and such, the time isn’t always there, so 72 hours is good :smile:


Next contract will be up sometime tomorrow!