Elimination Game (Xbox One)


Indeed, this 10min feature exist. The problem is that some people have got a very bad internet connection (me for example) and it would take very long to upload, even if it’s just a few minutes. If uploading is a requirement, then I can fully understand this and I would just join the game without getting counted in.


If connection is an issue, I think you can record via the Xbox and use a site like https://xboxclips.com/.

Then you could just add the link in here for peeps to watch the clip (rather than have to upload).

If I remember, it shows all your clips as long as your settings on console allow for them to be accessed.


How about we record the 10 min video and upload/add a link to it on the Xbox HMF?
No need to upload to youtube then for those of you who has a bad internet connection? :open_hands:

If 10 min is too much, just record the last minute or so. There’s a insta video option in the quick menu that records the last minute of gameplay.

Or we can simply screenshot the end result and upload that to the site.

For those of you who wish to join, just follow the club name below


Ok. I’ll try.

Bob Burns


If you guys would like, you can upload it to the Hitman Forum on Xbox, although I would need to join.

You may also take a screenshot of your end result, that would be pretty shweet

Anyway, we have a total of eight players now!

Confirmed Players: @Ed_ll3 @RotaryOliver @ScroobiusJib @Spodey @FearlessArogunz @ILikeGAMESish @mungadungalis @Bob_Burns


Also, @RotaryOliver, that’s a good idea! I dunno if I said that in my last post, but I think we should just do that


Thank you @Zevoros
Feel free to join the group when you have time :smile:


Okay what do we have to do?


Everything you need to know is in the OP


When would it begin ?
I would love to participate but I have been busy with school lately and might not be able to play for a couple of weeks
Otherwise count me in


Well, the first contract will be up tomorrow, and you all have 48 hours to complete it


I would like to partake in this elimination game.


Alright, welcome to the game!

Confirmed Players: @Ed_ll3 @RotaryOliver @ScroobiusJib @Spodey @FearlessArogunz @ILikeGAMESish @mungadungalis @Bob_Burns @SupremeCommanderIke


Where do you find the contract?


I’ll release the contract later today


I should be able to participate you can add me


I’d prefer not to partake formally, but if it’s okay with you - and assuming I have the time - I’d like to play and submit my run as a “guest” entrant. Or would that be weird? I suppose it’d be similar to those who are competing and getting eliminated. Could they still post runs in this thread or are you only interested in/wanting to see those who are currently in the running?


I…think I would prefer you to join the game to play the contract, but you do what you want

Anyway, welcome to the game, skaven

Confirmed Players: @Ed_ll3 @RotaryOliver @ScroobiusJib @Spodey @FearlessArogunz @ILikeGAMESish @mungadungalis @Bob_Burns @SupremeCommanderIke @Skaven_in_box


Just add an eliminated tag to the post when you upload it.
I wouldn’t miss one of your runs :open_hands:


So it will under your game tag?