Elimination Game (Xbox One)


By all means @Travis_IOI, give it a shot :open_hands:
The timer just started, so I think it’s okay to join.


Well, you can assume what happened… :sweat_smile: Maybe I’ll be back in time, hopefully. Sadly is it not possible to play Hitman in the Hospital. But good luck to you guys!


If you wanted to skip this one, I’m sure Zevoros would have let you dude. Didn’t have to get admitted to hospital.


Come on man, you can’t just post that. What happened?? :laughing: :wink:


I woke up with unbelievable stomach pain, then I went to the hospital. Apparently, I have a urinary calculus in the right section. If it’s going well, I can get rid of it in “the normal way”. Nothing deadly :smile:

Maybe I can even make it in time. In the best case scenario. Otherwise would this be very nice, but if it’s not possible am I also totally ok with it.


Aw man, sounds a bit like kidney stone pain or something like that. Still painful I’d imagine. Hope it passes through fast for you and isn’t too rough. :+1:

@Zevoros - Thanks for setting this up. Just been on, played, and really enjoyed it. Like Scroobius said, it got the adrenaline going like the old ETs. Got this second try after an epic fail.

Load of derpage at the beginning, the second run is about 4:20 in if you want to skip it.


I’m completely ok with giving Fearless a pass on this one. He seems to be very preoccupied.


You can watch the first run but after that the elgato went tits up.


Sorry guys! I live in a different time zone from everyone here! Yeah, @Travis_IOI, you can join!


And, @FearlessArogunz, I’ll give you a freebie on this one, I do hope you feel better soon


I’ve been hospitalized with kidney stones. It can be quite severe. Worst pain I’ve ever experienced.
They give you good drugs tho.
Best of luck to you, bro.


Speed is key and I’m anything but fast in Hitman :sweat_smile:


I screenshotted the wrong screen but there’s my time. 1:08
It was fun. Someone said it was like doing the ETs the first time around and I totally agree.
Thanks for the game, Zeveros. :slight_smile:


My worst pains have been walking/running in the snow barefoot, and stomach pain in a school trip(it ended with me throwing up in the hotel we where staying at’s bathroom, tho not in the toilet but on my pants,socks,underpants,belt and maybe my t-shirt?) :frowning:




out of order


Im free! It’s not completely over yet, there’s still a small amount of blood in my urine. But for now, I’m finally able to go. So I’ll definitely make it in time.


Zevoros, do I need to post a pic here?
I sent you a screen shot from my Xbox.



If you want, I guess.

Out of all of our players:

Confirmed Players: @Ed_ll3 @RotaryOliver @ScroobiusJib @Spodey @FearlessArogunz @ILikeGAMESish @mungadungalis @Bob_Burns @SupremeCommanderIke @Skaven_in_box

Who has done the contract?


I checked the leaderboard this morning and I think everybody has done it except @FearlessArogunz. Sadly I’m last at this point. Oh well it was fun. I’ll probably still play the upcoming contracts. Good luck guys.


Is there a Xbox club we can all join to post our screen shots in?