Elimination Game (Xbox One)


I mean since we are all on Xbox. It makes sense to me to have a central place to post these scores.
Instead of coming here I mean.

Just a suggestion.


There is an Xbox club, but I prefer the way we’re doing it now


It does take less time than having to uploading it to YouTube first.

But don’t hesitate to upload in the club! I felt this game was a great way to get some more activity in the club, since it haven’t been used that much

The name of the club is HitmanForum.
Or I can invite you by using your xbox username if you can’t find it :smile:


What is the club name?


Is it ok if I just sent them to you?


Yeah it’s fine

20 gunshots


I think I am already a member of that club.


My Xbox name is bobazoid1 by the way.


I have done it. Used all three tries.
1:08 :slight_smile:


Nice. The next contract will be up in a few hours


Wait, @Travis_IOI, are you doing these, just to make sure that you’re in the competition?


I’m playing it now! Doing my best.


Goooooo sloooooow please.


You should have recieved an invite to it now if you aren’t already a member :smile:




3 and best one

@ScroobiusJib I’m 2 seconds faster! :smile: (sry)


Nicely done, @FearlessArogunz!


Is it safe to close the first contract? Either way, here is the next one!

Title: One for Sorrow

ID: 3-06-1735892-87

Run Time: 48 Hours (12:00 PM Western Time - March 9, 12:00 PM Western Time)

Confirmed Players: @Ed_ll3 @RotaryOliver @Spodey @FearlessArogunz @ILikeGAMESish @mungadungalis @Bob_Burns @SupremeCommanderIke @Skaven_in_box

And, it is at my great displeasure:

Eliminated: @ScroobiusJib


Do I win anything for being the first loser?


RIP Scrooby :skull_and_crossbones:


What a horrible run… :persevere:

My second try was even worse, coming in at 160… :snail: